TVNZ Seven Sharp Destination Beauty Anita and Robin

TVNZ Seven Sharp visit to Destination Beauty in Thailand

We were pleased to have hosted TVNZ programme Seven Sharp in our plastic surgery center in Bangkok. The focus was on the increasing number of Kiwis coming to Thailand for massive plastic surgery after weight loss. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE 5 MINUTE FEATURE.

Dr. narongdej plastic surgery thailand Dr. Angkana Plastic surgery thailand

In the Above screens you see Dr. Angkana and Dr. Narongdej doing Robin’s Extended tummy tuck and her liposuction surgery.

In the programme you will meet Anita who lost 100 kgs. and Robin who also lost lots of weight. Both women came to Thailand with Destination Beauty for plastic surgery at a fraction of the price it would cost home in New Zealand.

Anita – 100 kgs weight loss and massive plastic surgery in Thailand

Anita’s story is truly amazing CLICK HERE to see her before and afters.

plastic surgery after weight loss

Meet Robin

Robin from New Zealand wanted to have her tummy tuck for a long time. We chat with Robin at Destination Beauty’s plastic surgery hospital in Bangkok. We meet with Robin 2 days after her massive plastic surgery.

Why Destination Beauty? We ask Robin. from

Robin after surgery from