Tummy Tuck in Thailand after massive weightloss

Massive Weight Loss – Now what ?

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Here at Destination Beauty we hear this weekly. You have lost massive amounts of weight, maybe even more than 100 kgs. You are left with sagging skin all over your body. Going through the cycle of losing weight and then being left with the remnants of the weight loss is surely depressing for many. Many of our clients spend $25,000 to have gastric sleeve or bypass surgeries and after a period of 2 years you have lost nearly all your excess weight. That’s when the real surprise or shock sets in. You visit your local Australian or New Zealand plastic surgeon and ask how much it will cost to cut away all the excess skin. Most clients leave with an estimate of $60,000-$100,000. You just went through all the emotions of losing the weight and now you receive a quote of $100,000. Let’s be realistic here, most of us have not got $100,000 at hand or the ability to raise that much money quickly. This is the time you start looking for alternatives, and perhaps a friend or colleague will recommend you to contact Destination Beauty. See below our lovely clients who lost more than 500 kgs and had massive surgery in Thailand.

How to learn more and get a quote ?

Actually the best way to get an overview of what Destination Beauty can do for you is by CLICKING HERE and filling in the form. You will then receive our brochure. Another great way to learn more is to join one of Destination Beauty’s seminars. Here you will meet a plastic surgeon, former clients and other members of Destination Beauty. We have seminars in New Zealand and Australia. Click HERE FOR AUSTRALIA – and HERE FOR NEW ZEALAND.

Let’s give you an idea about the typical cost you are looking at for different package options:

Tummy Tuck / Breast Lift & Augmentation, including 14 nights in Bangkok AUD 12,499 / NZD 13,499

Extended Tummy Tuck / Breast Lift & Augmentation, including 14 nights in Bangkok AUD 15,699 / NZD 16,899

Arm Lift / Tummy Tuck / Breast Lift & Augmentation, including 14 nights in Bangkok AUD 15,749 / NZD 16,799

The above examples of cosmetic surgery packages in Thailand will give you an idea of the cost. To get a firm quote you will need to fill in YOU EVALUATION FORM.

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Typical plastic surgery procedures after massive weight loss

Below you will see a quick overview of the different procedures that are relevant for clients who lost lots of weight:

Tummy Tuck or extended tummy tuck

This is the most popular procedure. It’s a big and complicated surgery. During surgery the surgeon with tighten your stomach muscles and cut away the excess skin on your tummy. You will typically admitted for 3 nights. Some clients with skin on the sides will be suggest to do an extended tummy tuck, where the surgeon will extend the incision to your love handles and cut away excess skin on your sides. See this page Tummy Tuck Thailand.

Arm lift

Arm lift is a procedure where the surgeon will remove your “bat wings”, basically the lose skin on the upper part of your arms.

Breast Lift / Reduction / Implants

In some cases our surgeon will recommend a breast lift with implants and in other cases the surgeon will need to remove tissue from your breast in which case the procedure is a breast reduction. For breast lift and reduction it’s optional to add a silicone implant for more volume.

Thigh lift

This is a procedure where the surgeon removes excess skin from your thighs. You will typically be in hospital for 4 nights.

Face lift

In some cases the massive weight loss will leave wrinkles in your face, here a face lift can help you regain your youthful look.

Body lift or back lift or buttock lifts

Depending on where your sagging skin is the surgeon may suggest different procedures to rid you of the skin.

Pubic lift / Mons pubis lift

This is a procedure to remove excess skin from your pubic area.

How should I plan my surgery ?

Depending on how much surgery you need, it may be necessary to split of the surgeries in 1 or more visits to Thailand. Our surgeons prefer to start with your front areas, for example tummy tuck and breast + arms. If you wish to have thigh lift as well together with tummy tuck, breast reduction/lift, arm lift then we recommend that you stay 3 weeks to one month in Thailand. In that case the first surgical session will be tummy tuck, arm lift and breast surgery. After these surgeries we want you out of bed on day 1 or 2 after surgery. The thigh lift will follow maybe after 5-7 days depending on your recovery. After the thigh lift you will be in your hospital bed without much movement allowed for some days. The thigh lift surgery limits your mobility a lot. Our surgeons are very experienced in these surgical procedures and our nurse team will visit you and monitor your recovery while you recover in Bangkok.

500 kgs weight loss – Meet our lovely clients who already had their surgery in Thailand

Meet our lovely clients who already had their massive surgery in Thailand – Meet:

Rachael – Extended Tummy Tuck and Arm Lift

rachael breast before after

Georgia – Breast reduction and tummy tuck

georgia tummy tuck before after thailand

Joe – Extended tummy tuck and breast reduction


Anita – Extended Tummy Tuck and arm lift

anita extended tummy tuck thailand

Michelle – Extended tummy tuck, arm lift, breast lift & Thigh lift

michelle massive weight loss tummy tuck

Laura – Breast lift, implants and tummy tuck

laura before after weight loss

Jasmine – Tummy Tuck and Thigh Lift

jasmine-weight-loss tummy tuck