For Australians and permanent residents of Australia, wishing to travel to Thailand for medical procedures:

Firstly, read this page:

Secondly, fill in the request to travel form:

It may take upto 4 weeks before you receive the answer. You need to check the quarantine requirements in your state, as you may likely go into state quarantine upon arriving back in Australia.

The above part is related to your permission to leave Australia.

Assuming you receive permission to leave Australia, you will need to comply with the below requirements on the Thai side. Thailand is open to medical tourists, and you need to be aware that you need to stay in hospital for 14 days, it means you arrive at the airport and our driver will drive you to the hospital, where you will spend the next 14 days, you will undergo your treatment within the 14 days and day 15 you can travel home or you can move to a hotel for tourism activities. Thailand is open and operating as usual. As per todays date (7th July 2020) there has been no locally transmitted cases in Thailand for 43 days.

Before entering Thailand (Destination Beauty will assist with as many points as possible)

1. Avoid risky or crowded areas not less than 14 days 

2. Have the below document: 

– Certificate of Entry (COE)

– Fit to fly health certificate from the doctor in the departure country  
– Medical certificate with a laboratory result indicating that covid-19 is not detected not more than 72 hours prior to arriving into Thailand

– Evidence that you can cover all expenses including treatments and other expenses while in Thailand 
– Health Insurance that must cover covid-19 at least US$100,000

– A document showing that a quarantine place is complied with the government requirements

– A document from the hospital in the departure country showing that you need treatment in Thailand

– A document from the hospital in Thailand showing that you are accepted to have treatment for not less than 14 days. 

3. Pass the exit screening at the airport from the departure country. 

During in Thailand

1. Pass the entry screening at the airport 

2. Submit the required document to the disease control department at the airport

3. Travel by the hospital transportation only 

4. Install mobile application required by the government to help tracking 

5. Have covid-19 test 3 times

– 1st test on day 1 upon arrival at the hospital 

– 2nd test on day 5-7

– 3rd test on day 13-14

6. Need to complete 14-day quarantine. 

If you need a further Covid test before returning home, we can assist in making the arrangements and supporting medical reports and fit to fly.

Cost implications for your trip:

Stay in hospital is a more expensive option than in hotel, but we have made arrangements to reduce the impact to our clients.

For clients booked in at Somerset there will be no extra charges assuming the nights included in the package (hotel and hospital) is minimum 14 nights.

For clients staying at Zenniq there will be an extra nightly charge similar to the upgrade price to Somerset (our Reps will clarify this).

If your package for example include only 10 nights for both hotel and hospital, there will be an extra charge for nights upto 14 nights.

The 14 nights will include 3 Covid-19 tests, which will be included in the 14 nights price.

We fully understand that spending 14 nights in hospital under quarantine is not your ideal trip, this is an option that’s good for clients undergoing procedures with long admission.