Our lovely client Vicky, a mother of 4 and a proud grandmother of 8, had visited Destination Beauty and Dr. Narongdej in Thailand  on July, 2014. Vicky had her first set of breast implants in Australia around 20 years ago. Everything went well, but vicky was worried that perhaps it was a time to have the breast implants replaced. Vicky was in contact with Destination Beauty’s Suellen, who assisted Vicky in getting a free surgeon consultation with Dr. Narongdej. Also, Vicky had a chance to consult with Dr. Narongdej face to face in Australia, during one of Destination Beauty’s seminars. At the seminar, Vicky was able to ask questions about the replacement of her breast implants.

$9500 in Australia – Half Price in Thailand

I was quoted $9500 in Australia for replacing the implants in a private hospital, on top of that I would have had to pay for follow up with the Australian Plastic Surgeon. I decided to come to Thailand for my surgery and selected to go with Dr. Narongdej as he is a very experienced plastic surgeon. My review of Dr. Narongdej is excellent.

One Implant Had Already Burst

During the surgery Dr. Narongdej discovered that one of Vicky’s breast implants had burst, and he had to clean out the pocket and remove the traces of the old silicone. Vicky’s old size was around 430 cc, and during the surgery Dr. Narongdej decided on using 575 cc breast implants. Before the Surgery, Dr. Narongdej was not sure if the size 525 cc would do the job, but in the operating room it was clear that to achieve the best result the larger size 575cc should be used. As Dr. Narongdej put it “Vicky is a tall beautiful girl and she carries the 575cc perfectly and her breast are very natural and proportional looking for her size.”vicky-breast-aug

Chat with Vicky in Destination Beauty’s office

We met up with Vicky in our office 2 days after vicky had her surgery. We recorded 2 short Videos where you can meet Vicky and learn more about her breast replacement surgery/breast revision.

Cost of breast implant replacement

Breast implant replacement starts at THB 130,000 approx $4299 for size upto 400cc, Sizes 401-525cc cost THB 140,000 and Size above 525 cost THB 160,000. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR PLASTIC SURGERY PRICELIST. In our price list we refer to replacing breast implants as “Breast Correction”. Other words like breast implant replacement or breast revision are also used to describe the same surgery.

Breast Capsular Contracture

According to Dr. Narongdej the most common complication and reason for replacing breast implants is because of a so called capsular contracture. A capsular contractor is your body reaction to the breast implants. Your body builds fibre tissue around the breast, which makes the breast hard. If you have your breast implants replaced, you should inform your surgeon in the online consultation: your breast are soft or hard. If they are hard you likely have a capsular contracture, and further surgery is required to remove the capsule. At Tria Destination Beauty, we charge THB 65,000 on top of the breast correction price in case, you have a capsular contracture. Removing a capsular contracture takes around 1-1.5 hours of extra surgery.


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