My first time experience for international plastic surgery.

Destination Beauty contacted me immediately after my first inquiry. I did lots of research and I didn’t come right away. And I didn’t feel like they were pushy at all. Everything from the beginning was fantastic. The contact person was very supportive.

My first day after arrival.

I was very emotionally and a bit nervous. Richard picked me up at the airport and he was very lovely. The staff are very friendly and attentive. The staff help me put my mind at ease.

Dr.Kasemsak is good at recommending things.

My surgery schedule was changed and I stay 1 night earlier at the hospital, which was fine. I didn’t have problem. Dr.Kasemsak was great. He explained what he was going to do for the surgery. The consultation complement what I was trying to achieve. He explained about incision and the liposuction very well.

I saved more than half of the surgery’s price in Australia.

The package deal that combine accom- modation, surgery and after care are very good package with affordable price. The hotel is fantastic. If I would do this all in Australia, it would be about 30,000 AUD, and that does not even include hospital stay! (she paid about 13,500 AUD for her surgery here)






disclaimer: Individual results may vary.


I have been walking around the ward and making lots of new friends as we are having the same experience and have common interest. Then we go shopping and places together afterwards. Bangkok is fantastic. People may have pre-conceived idea about Bangkok, but it is actually got a lot of beauty and basically everything you need. And I’m sure I’ll come back to Destination Beauty for another surgery!



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disclaimer: Individual results may vary.