Tummy Tuck and Liposuction Thailand!

Tummy Tuck and Liposuction Thailand!

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Kandis Had Liposuction and Tummy Tuck in Thailand!

liposuction and tummy tuck thailand


disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Below you can see the before and after pictures from Kandis’ first trip to Thailand where she had a facelift and breast augmentation – CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE

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disclaimer: Individual results may vary.


 breast augmentation thailand

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.


Kandis Review in Her Own Words about 2 Plastic Surgery Trips in Thailand

“This is my second visit to Thailand Bangkok with Destination Beauty.
I was greeted at the airport 6 .30am in the morning by “Mikie” a familiar face, I recognized from my visit in 2013 , we chattered of our previous meeting back then as he also remembered me ,while we walked over to DB mini van .We traveled to Samitivej Hospital to Destination Beauty’s office and Examination Rooms located on the ground floor , where I was greeted by the beautiful Cherry, she informed me that my surgery would be 6 pm that evening , and took me next door so I could have coffee and breakfast.
After we then proceeded with my check in and test prior to surgery,weight, X-rays, bloods , ect once all of my test were completed I was taken up to my hospital room ,Ward 11 room 1103.
The nurses were great & all spoke English , I was given my op / gown towels ect and asked to shower at a certain time for surgery & told when I had to have nil by mouth.

Not long after my Surgeon arrived with his assistant to discuss my op , this is when I asked every question that had ever entered into my head, which he answered in detail & assured me with all that I needed to know. I also want to add a section of liposuction for the back of my thighs which he agreed to do for me. This is when he drew with blue ink all of the areas for Lipo and Tummy Tuck section, and of course my new placement of my belly button , looked like a road Map. After his visit I new soon I would be a new me. Hospital staff came to me & I did bank transactions for payment of surgery. Quick shower & into hospital gown.
I was taken to theater, laying there in the bed my last memories were looking up into my Surgeons face smiling at me, telling me in a few hours it will be all completed as he held my hand …. this is it finally.

I remember waking up feeling very cold, with nurses all around me, taking my obs, warming me, and feeling my legs being massaged with a garment that had been placed around my lower legs that did exactly that ….massaging my legs to keep my circulation moving, it felt great, However I felt sore all over, like I had been bashed , told my self each and every day I will improve, it’s just time. Funny thing is I didn’t have pain in tummy the pain was the Lipo areas.

Day one I went for my first of many walks with the aid of two nurses. Day 2 I managed to walk on my own, I was able to use my arms to get out of bed. However, unable to get back into bed without the assistance of the nurses, as I couldn’t lift my legs or just the strain thru my tummy was too much. Day 3 with great difficulties I was able to get in & out of bed on my own ,oh the freedom , I walked around & around that ward constantly 3/4 times a day , I met ladies that had surgery & ladies that were waiting to have theirs, bondings were already forming between us.
Day six I had my drains removed all 7 of them & Nurse Aom and assistant helped me into my compression suit, wow it’s tight , from under the bust to my ankles, zips and hooks both sides. I better get use to it because it’s going to be worn for months .

Now I have 9 wonderful days just to relax & recover, shop, meet up with other ladies, talk, tell stories, laughter & jokes. Afternoon tea twice a week . My results are above & more than I could possibly imagine, it’s early days & I look & feel great . World class Surgeons & Staff ,thank you Destination Beauty ❤?❤”

The journey that Candice experience with Destination Beauty is absolutely amazing and wonderful, isn’t it?

Come and joy us to collect the unforgettable memory! 😉


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