“Mine is a common plight: mid 30's, married and working full time in the office of our own business. Two children later and my breasts had bounced from a pre-kid nothing to a C cup, albeit of the sagging variety, due to a loss of volume and the inevitable advance of gravity taking over. disclaimer: Individual results may vary. ”

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Destination Beauty had a seminar in Brisbane around the time that I was considering having my breasts enhanced. I decided to attend with a girlfriend. It was there that I had the opportunity to actually talk to some of the team of Tria Destination Beauty. The prospect of going to Thailand for breast augmentation appealed to me, not only because of the savings in cost, but the holiday factor did come into it. I have traveled quite a bit overseas, so the idea of being in a foreign country to have breast augmentation was no problem for me. I even had the opportunity to speak to a board certified doctor at the seminar in relation to what I wanted and he actually listened to me, instead of telling me what I should have done, as previous doctors had. This was a crucial pivotal point for me, and one of the deciding factors to have it done with Destination Beauty Thailand.

I was lucky to have my husband’s full support for my decision to have breast augmentation in Thailand, as he knew it was a matter of my own sense of self-esteem and body confidence that was in question. Every woman wants to feel beautiful, and unfortunately we are not all blessed with the perfect body to begin with. Or, the body’s recovery from being pregnant and breast-feeding, quite often leaves a lot to be desired. If I weren’t happy with the shape of my breasts now, how would I feel in another ten years or so? I so did not want to have my breasts hanging around my knees, as I got older.

Armed with all of my information, it was a relatively easy decision to make in relation to having my breast augmentation in Thailand, complete with the company of a girlfriend who was wanting similar surgery. Instead of having a “girlie weekend” away, the vision of thirteen days in Thailand and returning home with new and improved breasts, totally appealed to me. It seemed to present the ultimate alternative to having the surgery at home at much more expense.


disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Everything went as promised by Destination Beauty. We arrived in Bangkok on a Saturday night; Sunday was spent in a state of alternating excitement and a tad of apprehension, as we explored the city for the day. Monday was appointment day and Tuesday we both underwent our surgery. Normally it is an overnight hospital stay, but as my friend was experiencing some pain, an extra night in care was arranged to accommodate her. Thursday, we were both discharged and we spent the next couple of days in a two bedroom apartment recovering. Recovery was in the form of munching food on the couch as we watched all the latest movies to be had. This was the time that I was glad that I had company. Both of us were a bit emotional, with bouts of missing our families and general post surgery blues. But, by Saturday we were up and about, buzzing around exploring Bangkok via the sky train. We were both still a bit tender, but that did not deter us in any way. I don’t think there was one shopping center that we missed out on. And, we had the perfect excuse to go shopping, new clothes for our new boobs!

Since being back home in Australia sporting my new body image, I know I have more self-confidence. I can’t help but smile when I get envious glances from friends or acquaintances. I no longer sport a body that I am unhappy with. And, my husband totally approves of the new and improved me. I was warned that the sensation in my breasts may take some time to come back, and this is the case, but the sensation is slowly reappearing.


disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

I was so impressed with the care and consideration given by Tria Destination Beauty that I have begun a Facebook page purely aimed at those that have had, and those exploring, the possibility of having breast augmentation, plastic surgery or even a facelift with Tria Destination Beauty. It is really aimed at fostering a “helping hand” so to speak. It is a platform where any questions or concerns can be voiced and answered by those that have already had surgery in Thailand. For some, it can be quite a scary decision to make, to have surgery in a foreign country. The best source of information can only come from someone that has been there and done it. It is also a great way to team up with another female or even in a small group, if they are not wishing to go it alone. Despite my overseas travel, I am glad that I shared the experience with a friend, as it was not quite as daunting.

Would I recommend having breast augmentation with Destination Beauty Thailand? A resounding yes.

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.