Nicole’s Extreme Makeover in Thailand

“Thank you dr K for the most amazing tummy and boobs lol, I love that he made me look natural and not crazy boobs that I wanted lol” – Nicole’s 4 month post surgery. nicole extreme makeover before and after

Facts About Nicole’s Surgery

Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Kasemsak
Procedures: Extended Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation Breast Lift, Arm Lift, Side Lift, and Mons Lift.
Implant Size: 250 CC
When are the after pictures taken: the before picture was taken before her weight loss surgery, and the after picture was taken 4 months after the skin removal surgery.
How much did it all costs? 599,500 THB / approx AUD 28,919 / approx NZD 30,279.
How Long time did Nicole stay in Thailand? 16 nights in Thailand, 8 nights in hospital, and 8 nights in the serviced apartment.
About Nicole’s Extreme Makeover in Thailand
Nicole from Australia, came to Thailand to have a massive surgery with Destination Beauty. She had Extended Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation Breast Lift, Arm Lift, Side Lift, and Mons Lift and her surgeon was Dr. Kasemsak. Nicole lost 70 kgs and she was unhappy with her excess skin. But after the surgery, the excess is now gone and Nicole is the most happiest lady in the world.
With massive amount of weight loss, she was concerned about the sagging breast, tummy, sides and back… her rep discussed Nicole’s pictures with Dr. Kasemsak and he suggested the following procedures; Extended Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation Breast Lift, Arm Lift and Mons Lift to be performed.
After her massive weight loss, a breast lift was needed to lift up the nipple position and make a youthful look together with small implants to give some volume to her breast.
The tummy tuck was combined with a mon pubis lift to ensure the pubis area looks firm and tight. Nicole was concerned with skin on the sides and back as well, Dr. Kasemsak suggested that she had arm lift together with side lift and the incision is one long line from the elbows along on the side of the arm pits down to the side of the breast.
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Nicole had skin removal surgery in Thailand

Before and after pictures of arm lift – 14 days post op

nicole arm lift thailand


Before and after pictures of breast augmentation with lift and extended tummy tuck – 14 days post opnicole extreme makeover before and after


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