Natalie’s Mummy Makeover in Thailand

Procedures : Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, and Tummy Tuck, which we also refer to as a mummy makeover
Surgeon : Dr. Narongdej
Date of surgery : July 2014
Surgery Cost: a Mummy makeover starts at THB 299,000 for surgery. CLICK HERE FOR PLASTIC SURGERY DEALS.

I can’t wipe the smile off my face. Not only did I have a “Mummy Makeover” which consisted of breast augmentation, a breast lift and a tummy tuck; I had time out from my hectic life of being a mother to three children ages 5, 4 and 2. The whole time that I was away in Bangkok, it was actually relaxing. Wi-Fi was available and I had my IPad and my mobile, so I was really happy. After having had three caesarians, I wouldn’t say I love hospitals, but I did love my alone time, which is something I don’t get any more.

Check out Natalie’s amazing result after breast lift, implants and tummy tuck:

after tummy tuck lift implants

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

I work as a temp for a bank in the role as a Customer Service Officer, which I fit into the normal chaos of juggling work and home, as most women these days do. I have worked for the same bank ever since I left high school, so it is a good fit for this time of my life and I can return full time once all the kids are off to school if I want. I have a very supportive husband. We have been together for 13 years, but married for only 5. An amazing mum that is on hand when I need her and to who I am very close. Great girlfriends, one of who used Destination Beauty Thailand two years ago and raved about how good they were.

I turn 30 in January 2015 and my husband suggested that I have the makeover that I wanted as my birthday present. I mentally thought about having the surgery done in September 2014 but as it turned out, I underwent surgery in August of 2014. I am 174 cms tall, so I can carry a bit of weight on my frame without looking overweight. But, after having the children I had blown out quite a bit. Where previously I had had no boobs to speak of, whilst pregnant and breastfeeding my boobs had taken on a life of their own. I was left with a saggy pair of 16DD, weighing a lot more than what I wanted to and totally unsatisfied with how I looked. Big bums run in the family, so that was not my issue, and actually my husband loves my “booty”. Since my teen years I had always wanted to have some boobs to speak of, as in my mind they make a female look and feel like a woman.Natalie-Collett-Mummy-Makeover

I had to set myself goals to lose the extra weight and of course, losing the weight caused my boobs to droop even more. They ended up being merely hanging skin with no fat in them. I went from 110kg to 100kg, then to 90kg. I had set myself a goal weight of 75kg, which upon reaching I would look into having surgery. With the weight loss I achieved also came a spare tyre of loose skin around my middle and this, I definitely was not happy with.

Despite my girlfriend’s ravings about Destination Beauty Thailand, I did my own research. I sent off my evaluation forms to quite a few companies. Some did not respond at all, so I discounted them immediately. There was only one other company that replied, other than Destination Beauty Thailand, who were the quickest to respond. I am the type of person that will ask heaps of questions and sometimes even repeat them; it is my body after all. My rep at Destination Beauty Thailand was so quick to answer whatever question I had via email, it put my mind at complete ease.

The cost of surgery was a major issue, despite the fact that we had been putting aside money since the birth of my last child for the express purpose of me having surgery at some point. I always knew that I would want to have something done eventually. I looked into having the surgery I wanted done in Australia, but at a whopping $18,000.00 price tag, I had no hesitation to line up to have it done in Thailand for $11,000.00. My own general practitioner isn’t Australian, so it was of no concern whatsoever that my surgeon was a different nationality, or that I would be in a different country, Thailand, having cosmetic surgery.

Three months prior to going, I was emotionally booked in but not financially invested, I had the worst case ever of tonsillitis which resulted in my having Pityriasis Rosea. The whole of my body broke out in an itchy spotty rash, which would not go away. Apparently it is the body’s way of fighting off the infection and 90% of the time you will only ever have it once in your life. Well, I got it. I was devastated as I thought that my planned surgery in Bangkok would not be able to go ahead. I was so upset, that one night I emailed Tooey with photographs of my rash covered body to see if the operation could be done in spite of it. Tooey quickly got back to me after speaking with Dr Narongdej, a Board Certified plastic surgeon, to put my fears aside that despite the rash, the surgery could be done. This really did seal the deal in my mind.


disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

I had never been overseas before, so it was with great excitement and butterflies in my stomach from a case of nerves, that I boarded the plane by myself. My mum was a bit concerned about me having plastic surgery in Thailand, but my husband was 100% behind me. I had not reached my goal weight, as the surgery was earlier than I had originally planned. I was weighing at that time about 84kg. Mum came and looked after the kids, whilst I jetted off to Bangkok. Another hiccup happened on the Friday before I was due to leave; my husband who works in the mines was laid off. I contemplated canceling, as this was a lot of money that I was spending on myself, which may be needed in light of this setback. He told me to go and I am so glad that I did.

Destination Beauty Thailand had their car and driver waiting for me at the gate, once I stepped off the plane. It was all so easy. I was dropped at the hotel, as I had booked myself in an extra day before I was due to go to the hospital for a bit of “R and R”. My rest and relaxation day ended up with me taking a photo of a lotus flower and getting it tattooed on my foot. Doesn’t everyone get a tattoo in Bangkok?

I had the surgery the next day which took five and a half hours and I stayed in hospital from the Thursday to the following Monday. I had four drains in, and in spite of feeling uncomfortable when I woke up following the surgery, I was not in any real pain. Everything went perfectly as planned and I spent my time mainly playing on the Internet. I actually enjoyed the enforced relaxation. The nurses were fantastic. They were always popping in to make sure that I was ok or busily cleaning my room with big smiles on their faces, they could not do enough for me. Dr Narongdej performed an amazing job and was very easy to talk to. I was 100% satisfied with the whole experience and cannot find one thing to complain about. I even have in mind to go back to Destination Beauty Thailand to have my boobs increased in about five years time. So that, in itself, says something.

I returned home laden with pressies for my kids, as every mum does when being away without them. I had trouble picking up the two year old, but that was to be expected. I am treating myself gently, as it has only been ten weeks since the surgery. The stitches around my tummy are healing really quickly and I am not wearing any underwire bras until the scars under my boobs have healed completely.

I feel like a new person.

Life is great. My husband got a new job within a few weeks of losing his previous one and I got a new body that I love. Now, I don’t have to tuck my “guts” into my pants and I love my new boobs!

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.