Natalie’s Mummy Makeover in Thailand

Procedures : Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, and Tummy Tuck, which we also refer to as a Mummy Makeover
Surgeon : Dr. Narongdej
Date of surgery : July 2014
Surgery Cost: a Mummy makeover starts at THB 299,000 for surgery. CLICK HERE FOR PLASTIC SURGERY DEALS.

Check out Natalie’s amazing result after Breast Lift, Implants and Tummy Tuck:

after tummy tuck lift implants

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.


I had to set myself goals to lose the extra weight and of course, losing the weight caused my boobs to droop even more. They ended up being merely hanging skin with no fat in them. I went from 110kg to 100kg, then to 90kg. I had set myself a goal weight of 75kg, which upon reaching I would look into having surgery. With the weight loss I achieved also came a spare tyre of loose skin around my middle and this, I definitely was not happy with.

The cost of surgery was a major issue, despite the fact that we had been putting aside money since the birth of my last child for the express purpose of me having surgery at some point. I always knew that I would want to have something done eventually. I looked into having the surgery I wanted done in Australia, but at a whopping $18,000.00 price tag, I had no hesitation to line up to have it done in Thailand for $11,000.00. My own general practitioner isn’t Australian, so it was of no concern whatsoever that my surgeon was a different nationality, or that I would be in a different country, Thailand, having cosmetic surgery.



disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Destination Beauty Thailand had their car and driver waiting for me at the gate, once I stepped off the plane. It was all so easy. I was dropped at the hotel, as I had booked myself in an extra day before I was due to go to the hospital for a bit of “R and R”. My rest and relaxation day ended up with me taking a photo of a lotus flower and getting it tattooed on my foot. Doesn’t everyone get a tattoo in Bangkok?

“I returned home I feel like a new person”, said Natalie.

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disclaimer: Individual results may vary.