For 64 year old Mary, the way she looks is a huge part of her everyday business. As a fully qualified Beauty Therapist she knows only too well that she needs to be the best advertisement for her company so she didn’t take the decision to have plastic surgery lightly.

Having a family, two children and a business to run, Mary found that she often put herself on the backburner. With some lifestyle changes and the encouragement of her friend Jackie they both decided that the time was right to do something for themselves so they researched Plastic Surgery companies and came across Destination Beauty.

Mary had full face lift and eyelid surgery in Thailand

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disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Having attended a seminar in Melbourne and getting the opportunity to meet and talk with Destination Beauty’s Head Surgeon, Dr Narongdej. Mary found her confidence in her decision to undertake a full face lift was increasing. She found the plastic surgeon, who has over 24 years experience and performed over 10,000 surgeries to be “very approachable, confident, efficient and pleasant”

The evaluation form and photos were assessed by the surgeon and Mary was found to be a suitable candidate for a full face lift. She was assigned a rep who she felt was very professional and available to answer any queries she had in a timely and friendly manner.

As the June 1st surgery date loomed closer understandably Mary had some feels of apprehension, these were quickly dispelled by her Destination Beauty rep.

“On the day of the surgery Dr Narongdej could tell I was nervous, he eased my mind by allowing me to ask questions and explained the procedure and what to expect. He covered the scarring and the healing process and said I would look natural and refreshed”, says Mary.

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Mary found the hospital to be second to none, from the facilities to the service and staff. She was also impressed by Destination Beauty’s transfer staff, who made follow up visits a breeze.

During her stay Mary got to see Dr Narongdej several times, she said he was always approachable despite being very busy.

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“I never had any pain, the swelling has gone down considerably, there is no tightness around my face or suture lines and the scarring is greatly reduced thanks to my That Cream which I produce myself”, she says.

Staying at Somerset (where Destination Beauty’s head office is sited) was also another positive experience for Mary as she formed close friendships with other clients not to mention the wonderful buffet breakfasts that she enjoyed each morning!

SR_Thailand_BKK_Som Park Suanplu_1BRM_Pre_Living rm-LR SR_Thailand_BKK_Som Park Suanplu_1BRM_Pre_Master BRM-LR

Using adjectives such as “amazed, happy, fantastic and great” its safe to say. Mary is one of the Beauty Therapist, who is proud of her new and refreshed look so much that she went straight back to work. Lastly, she left her advice for others who maybe considering the same procedure:

“Just do it” she says with a smile on her newly freshened face, “what have you got to lose?”

Full Facelift Thailand

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.


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