“The procedures I had done in Bangkok would’ve cost me $25,000 in New Zealand, so I did get a very good deal!”

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Our gorgeous friend Maralaine flew all the way from New Zealand for a Full Facelift procedure in Thailand with Destination Beauty. She made a wise decision by coming over on a Group Tour together with 14 others who are as happy and contented with the results as she is. She did not only get the best results, but was able to squeeze more savings by choosing Destination Beauty’s Group Tour Package, which is Thailand’s hottest cosmetic surgery program at the time her endeavour was put into writing.

Maralaine found Destination Beauty by searching on the web. She was looking for Facelift options overseas and was amazed to learn that it is much more cheaper to get it in Thailand. “There are so many women in New Zealand who want to get something done but the cost is too high here” Maralaine said. She contacted Destination Beauty and exchanged emails with Toey, our senior team lead. Toey answered every question Maralaine got and provided info on everything she needed which actually turned out as an instrument for Maralaine to feel more confident and at ease especially during those days where she needed someone to point her in the right direction and help her diminish the cloud walls of fear and doubt she had.

As a New Zealand Group Tour was coming up, our New Zealand Rep Vicky got in touch with Maralaine. She honestly told us how her family was so worried that time and asked her to call the hospital to make sure Destination Beauty is a real, serious business. Vicky, who has lead group tours and had surgery herself in Thailand and the hospital where Maralaine was going to, was convinced and assured her that it’s all going to be worth it and that Destination Beauty will take care of her from start to finish.

Maralaine also very much liked going on a Group Tour with 14 other New Zealanders. They were all strangers to each other but gave each other support and courage to do the procedures they have wanted for so long. However she pointed out that she would feel completely safe coming alone as Destination Beauty and hospital staff is always looking out for her.

Dr. Somsak is Maralaine’s surgeon. During the consultation, he ensures that she fully understand the result it’d be according to her desire. She initially wanted to undergo Face Lift but Dr. Somsak suggested that she should do a Brow and Necklift to make the results even more outstanding. Maralaine was agreed with it and have her surgery done perfectly.


She woke up from the surgery feeling a bit dizzy from the anesthetics, which is normal. She remained in the hospital for 4 days and enjoyed the large hospital room, great food, excellent nurses, Destination Beauty staff and the special gift we give to all our clients.

Maralaine is back in New Zealand and very happy with the results and the whole trip. “I’m back at work and everyone coming into my shop say I look very youthful. I am not telling them what I have had done except I have changed my hair style to flicking up all round and it looks good on me and everyone thinks I look great. So I’m very pleased.”


disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

In fact, Maralaine emailed us back telling that she can’t help but compare the prices and the savings she got on top of the best service she experienced, “The procedures I had done in Bangkok would have cost me twenty five thousand dollars in New Zealand, so I did get a very good deal.” This means that she saved around $16,000 NZD or 386,000 THB!

As happy as she is with the results and quality of service she got, Maralaine is kind and generous enough to say that she is more than willing for people considering cosmetic surgery overseas through Destination Beauty to contact her for first hand details about her whole experience in Bangkok!

Please drop us a message at info@destinationbeauty.com and we will forward you Maralaine’s contact details and get the chance to experience a marvelous make-over just like Maralaine and others had!

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disclaimer: Individual results may vary.