“Looking in the mirror, there was a sad face peering back at me”

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I am a great believer in that the way you look should reflect your personality. I do not feel 53 but every time I looked in the mirror, there was a cranky sad face peering back at me. My life circumstances are not unique in a world of broken marriages, having been married with one son and then finding myself in a new wonderful relationship and getting engaged in my 50′s. The reflection I saw did not portray how I felt.

I work in an industry that is not about “how you look”, and more often a male domain as it is very physical. It is driving a big water truck, complete with my outrageous pink boots and kinky pink hard helmet. The work is heavy and arduous, but exhilarating at the same time and I love it. Having been a hairdresser prior to this, I had already been in the glamour world of women. This job is a constant challenge and actually suits my somewhat exuberant quirky nature.


disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Breast Augmentation Before & after

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The Hospital in Thailand was Amazing

After two nights of being fed as if I was in a restaurant and in an extremely comfortable hospital room with my own ensuite, I was again chauffeured to my accommodation. Upon arrival, I met numerous other patients that were recovering as well. It was a bit hard not to know, as they all had the telltale signs of post surgery via bandages or bruising. So recuperation became a group activity, which was fantastic. We all shared stories, ate breakfast/lunch/dinner together and even went on shopping jaunts around Bangkok’s amazing shopping centers. The bonus was that I made some good friends and to this day, I still keep in touch. The other good thing was Destination Beauty’s office was in the serviced apartment, so if you were worried, concerned or just wanting to have a chat; the representatives were always there. It was like being in a comfort bubble during the whole time of recovery.

It actually turned out that I ended up having further surgery three days later. I decided that if I had had all this work done on my eyes, I had forgotten about the lower puffy part of my eyes. As I was there, why not get this remedied as well. This turned out to be a very simple procedure, which was over in an hour. So sporting a bit more bruising as if I had gone a round or two with with a professional boxer, I just covered it up with a bit more makeup and did not let it get in the way of exploring Bangkok.


disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Would I Recommend Plastic Surgery in Thailand ? YES! I Now Look Like the Woman I Am.

Should you have plastic surgery in Thailand? My experience was world class every step of the way. Six months later and I am still amazed at the changes when I look in the mirror. The reflection I see is a resounding testament to this fact. I now look like the woman I am.


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