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Jasmine Had Circumferential Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, and Thigh Lift in Thailand

I can do this was my daily saying. We all have a story we can tell, if we wish to bring to light our own personal turning point. I am sharing mine in the hope that it will be inspirational to any one else facing a hurdle that may seem insurmountable. Create a goal to aim for and give yourself that sense of direction, which we so often lose sight of. The culmination of my tale was having surgery in Thailand with Destination Beauty, to rid my body of the huge unsightly flabby folds of skin that were once upon a time, bloated out with fat. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR BROCHURE


disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

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disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

I started “point” counting of the food that I ate, courtesy of joining Weight Watchers, determination and my mantra of “I can do this”, being my bible. At the time I weighed about 138 kilos, miserable with no confidence whatsoever. My goal was to become 80 kilos. Nothing and no one was going to deter me from reaching this. For as long as I can remember, my weight has always been determined by my “yo yo” dieting. I joined weight watchers the first time prior to my 21st, to slim down for the event. At that point I weighed 112 kilos. After losing a good 20 kilos, I became cocky and believed that I could keep it off by myself, so I stopped going. Then in my early thirties and one beautiful daughter later, I had more than ballooned out, yet again. I went back to Weight Watchers to regain control of my life, which I had lost in a downward spiral of self-loathing at every mouthful I swallowed. Finally after 3 hard years I surpassed my goal weight, weighing in at 79 kgs just before my 31st birthday. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR BROCHURE

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.


disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

The cost factor was a huge hurdle, which I had to overcome, as I was a single mother. Thank goodness I had formidable self discipline where budgeting is concerned and access to a low cost loan, that I inevitably needed to take advantage of. On advice from my local doctor, I went down the road of seeking government assistance, but after a tense six months of waiting, I was disappointed to learn that I did not qualify (due to not having serious medical conditions). The cost in New Zealand was far too expensive for the surgery I required to be done. I then spoke to a couple of friends who had undergone breast augmentation surgery in Thailand. Finally I had the luck of being able to talk to a lady that had undergone almost the same surgery as I wanted to have, and she had undergone the surgery in Thailand as well. To her I owe a debt of gratitude, as despite being a very private person, she shared the story of her surgical journey with me. So armed with precious tips and hints, and knowing the consequences and the extent of surgery I would require, I forged ahead with my plans.


I chose Destination Beauty, after consulting with another agency in Thailand, for two reasons. Because of the amount of surgery I required, a circumferential tummy tuck and a thigh lift on each leg, I wanted to be able to do it in one visit and the cost was a very important factor. The other agency that my friend had used would not do it in one trip, and their cost was far more than that of Destination Beauty. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR BROCHURE


I had never traveled overseas, except to Australia, so the fact that I was going to go to Thailand for my surgery, was a bit daunting. I eventually coerced my mother who lives in Perth to come with me, despite her reluctance and her not understanding the need for me to have the surgery done. I have had surgery before, a cesarean when having my daughter, so it was not the thought of needles or the hospital environment that was putting me on edge. I think it was the realization that finally I was on the cusp of realizing a three year personal goal.

Destination Beauty, had woven their magic with professionalism, expertise and caring natures. After chatting to other patients recovering from various surgeries, my mother at long last understood my need to take the big step of surgery in Thailand. Being a large woman, she is happy within herself, whereas I could never come to terms with my size. And then once I had lost the weight, I could not come to terms with the disgusting remnants of that fat body still clinging to my now much smaller frame.


disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

In the near future I would like to have surgery on my arms and breast (I am thinking to do a breast lift). When I do, I will definitely be running back to the care of Destination Beauty, Thailand.


Plastic Surgery Procedures: Circumferential Tummy Tuck, Thigh Lift and Liposuction 5 areas
Costs of surgery: THB 579,000 or approx NZD 21500 / AUD 19500 (The price is fixed in THB)

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disclaimer: Individual results may vary.