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disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

I am so pleased that I had my rhinoplasty surgery in Thailand with Destination Beauty at Samitivej Hospital that I am now going around telling everyone. I would shout it from the rooftops if possible, as Dr. Montien was simply amazing. I even went so far as to get my hair cut shorter than I have ever had it, just so I can show off my beautiful new nose and not feel self conscious.

I am 53 years old and for the whole of my life I have wanted to have something done about my European nose of ugly proportions, but life and children got in the way over the years. My twin sisiter, neice, and two cousins had a nose job except for me, so it was definitely a hereditary faux pas on the part of our genetic pool.

Every year I save up for an annual holiday with my partner and we have been to Bangkok on numerous occasions. We love the vibrancy and the colorful atmosphere of Bangkok’s streets and it is a true foodie’s heaven, which is why we keep returning.

I was actually saving up to go to Europe but because I could only get two weeks off, it wasn’t worth going that far. When we were discussing this issue, my very understanding partner offered as an alternative to go to Bangkok, yet again, but for me to have my nose done this time. I jumped at the chance.

I am a Dental Nurse so I am quite comfortable around a medical environment. I did consider that maybe the after surgery pain might be something to contend with prior to having the surgery in Thailand. Over the years I had researched having rhinoplasty and the cost of it in Australia was approximately $14,000, which was the detrimental factor in my mind. During my research one name kept on popping up with constant praise and it was Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Montien in Bangkok. That was when I first considered having surgery overseas in Thailand. So unlike most people, Dr. Montien directed me to Destination Beauty after I had emailed him direct. Destination Beauty was so helpful and they broke down the costs for me. The surgery in Thailand was only going to cost $6,500, which is less than half of what I had been quoted in Australia.

Destination Beauty was ultra professional, informative and totally caring of my well being throughout the whole time from the first contact to when I left the hotel. I strictly followed a pre-surgery fitness plan that Dr. Montien had given me, which included things such as giving up alcohol, any herbal medication and tanning for the month beforehand. Because of my age, I had to have a heart scan by a cardiologist, which again cost $200.00 so little compared to Australia and he visited me after surgery too. I had no qualms about having surgery overseas as I had done meticulous research and after consulting with Dr. Montien, I had complete faith in his skills.

I found it amazing that the time for appointments were the actual times kept, unlike at home when you make an appointment for 10.30 with a doctor, it may be 11.30 by the time you actually see the doctor. Everything went like clockwork from the minute I arrived at Destination Beauty at Samitivej Hospital and had my consultation to the actual surgery and recovery in the hospital afterwards. The nurses I cannot praise enough. There were no lost in translation moments in relation to the language barrier and nothing was too much trouble for them to do for you. They actually reminded me of the “Stepford Wives” in their smart uniforms and gentle bedside demeanor, unlike the nurses in some of Australian hospitals who wonder around in their untidy scrubs most of the time. Also I loved the fact that I was treated as a “person” not just a “number”.

I remember waking up after the surgery and asking if the rhinoplasty had actually taken place, because I was in no pain whatsoever. Apart from two gorgeous black eyes which subsided by day 4 post surgery and a bandage over my nose, there was no tell tale sign at all that I had had anything done. Apparently I had very thin cartilage in my nose, so this had been built up and also during the procedure, my sinuses had been cleaned out. I did not experience any pain at any time and I do have a low threshold, so that was an added bonus. I had complete faith in Dr. Montien to “create” a nose that would suite my face and the only direction I gave him was that I definitely did not want a button nose.GraceDr.Montien

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

The added benefit of having rhinoplasty is that now I not only have a gorgeous nose, but also I can breathe better as well. As I said earlier, I promptly had a hair cut and now I push my hair behind my ears, which is something I would never do pre-surgery. In fact I used to hide my ugly nose with the fact that I had long hair. When we left for Thailand, I did not tell anyone that I was having my nose done. After the holiday and yes, we actually got stuck into all the touristy things that we usually do when in Bangkok after I had the surgery, I went back to work. My colleagues and friends all said what an amazing job Dr. Montien had done. I can’t stop telling everyone how great the whole experience was.

To Dr. Montien, the crew of Destination Beauty and the nurses at Destination Beauty at Samitivej Hospital, I give my heartfelt thanks for taking such great care of me and for giving me a nose that I am proud to show off.

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 disclaimer: Individual results may vary.