Breast Reduction Tummy Tuck Surgery Thailand: Georgia’s NEW Body

This is Georgia’s amazing story and before after pictures for her Breast Reduction & Tummy Tuck surgery in Thailand.

Plastic surgery in Thailand is safe and affordable. I am a 40-year-old confident and intelligent woman and yet when I told my mother that I was going to have surgery in Thailand, she was horrified. My mother lives in Germany and being of “that” certain age, she does not use internet, she lives and breathes what she sees on the television or reads in gossip magazines. Her reaction was based totally on sensationalized media scare mongering of botched jobs on women when having plastic surgical treatments in Thailand. Her rampant imagination had me being butchered on a concrete slab in a sleazy lane way by a barefoot elephant riding witch doctor! We speak on the telephone each week as we are quite close, but this was the cause of many an argument between us, after I had told her of my plans. She is now one that had her eyes opened to the real facts of the situation.

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breast reduction and tummy tuck thailand

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

My decision to have plastic surgery had been thwarted on a couple of occasions prior to this. From the age of 15 to my early 20’s despite being on the big side. It was somewhat camouflaged by the fact that I am almost 6ft in height, so I could get away with carrying some extra bulk on my frame. Before I left Germany to live in New Zealand, I actually went to seek advice from a surgeon in relation to have a breast reduction done, as my enormous boobs were giving me intolerable backache. I did not go ahead with it at the time.


disclaimer: Individual results may vary.


Post Children and two very “big” babies at that, it was my time to at long last realize my dream of having a good body. I have always been in the spotlight at social functions and on television due to my work, so I have a healthy dose of self-esteem that flows through to the fact that I have always liked to look good. But not just in a vain way, this extends to being as fit as I can be. My body now was not just an excess skin party around my middle; I also had huge saggy boobs from the pregnancies. Also with my last baby, I had had a caesarean, so my stomach muscles had been cut through and overall my skin had lost all of its elasticity from being stretched. It was not a pretty picture whenever I looked in a mirror. I think it was clear that I was ready for a mommy makeover in Thailand. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR BROCHURE

It Was Word of Mouth that Lead Me to Destination Beauty in Thailand.

A young work colleague of mine had been to Thailand for breast augmentation surgery and she had raved about how good Destination Beauty had been when she used them. I was impressed with the work that she had had done and this lead me to research the possibility of my going overseas for surgery. I decided to consult a local specialist in New Zealand first to see what exactly I would require and the cost of doing it close to home. Armed with the information of what it would entail from a surgical point of view and a price of approximately $30,000, I then contacted Destination Beauty to obtain advice and the cost of having the surgery in Thailand.

Facts about Georgia’s surgery – Breast Reduction Tummy Tuck Surgery Thailand

Plastic Surgery Center: Destination Beauty @ Samitivej Thonburi Hospital

Procedures: Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck and Liposuction.




I now love my new body despite the fact that my scars are still healing, as it has only been 3 months. The difference is incredible, it has made to my-day-to-day life. I am over the moon with the results of my surgery in Thailand as my self-confidence has soared and several girlfriends are green with ency. I even wore my first ever “Insy weeny” bikini the other day to show off the new me. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR BROCHURE

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breast reduction thailand

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.