Tracey was unhappy with the way she looked before. She had to face with depression as well as high cholesterol as her main health issues. Tracey decided to have gastric sleeve surgery done with Dr. Narong in Bangkok in August 2017. Now Tracey’s 9 months post op gastric sleeve – lost 30 kgs!

Tracey lost 30 kgs 9 months after weight loss surgery in Thailand!


Tracey’s 9 months post op gastric sleeve – lost 30 kgs!

Tracey lost 30 kgs 9 months post op gastric sleeve 2


Tracey’s 7 months post op gastric sleeve – lost 26 kgs!

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Gastric Sleeve Thailand – Weight Loss Surgery

We did our first gastric sleeve surgeries in Thailand 8 years ago. Since then our competence of these surgeries have increased and today we have our own gastric sleeve center in Bangkok. Gastric sleeve is a life changing and sometimes life saving surgery for our clients who have fought with obesity for years. Having your gastric sleeve surgery in Thailand you will enjoy Thai hospitality when admitted in the beautiful hospital and in the recuperation apartment.

Expectations to Gastric Sleeve

With a gastric sleeve surgery you can expect to lose 60% of your excess weight. Clients who get rid of bad habits and start living a healthier life with a good diet and regular exercise can expect to lose more than 60%. When you meet with our gastric surgeon he will talk to you about the surgery and the weight loss you can expect.

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Next steps towards a gastric sleeve

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Cost of plastic surgery in Thailand

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