gastric sleeve thailandDanica was overweight and had a hard time of losing weight naturally. Her highest weight was at 110 kgs, so she decided to have gastric sleeve surgery in Bangkok with Dr. Narong to help lose weight.

See her pictures of before and after gastric sleeve surgery in Thailand!

Danica lost 54 kgs 8 months after gastric sleeve! Look how amazing she is!


Danica lost 48 kgs 7 months after gastric sleeve and is now looking happy and healthy. Danica

gastric sleeve thailand-1

Danica’s weight loss progress from October 2016 – July 2018


4 months post op gastric sleeve – lost 30 kgs!

Danica - 3 months post op

3 months post op gastric sleeve – lost 27 kgs!

Danica - 1 month post op

1 month post op gastric sleeve

Danica - 3 weeks post op

3 weeks post op gastric sleeve – lost 12 kgs!

Danica - 5 days post op

Day 5 post op gastric sleeve – lost 4 kgs!

Danica - 3 days post op

Day 1 post op gastric sleeve surgery – recovering in the hospital

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