““I’m very very impressed with the hospital. It’s bigger and the people who work there are very professional.” She adds, “Everything was perfect, everything was brilliant. The space (in our VIP room) is bigger and my husband was able to comfortably stay with me for the two nights I was in the hospital.””

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Eliete’s from New Zealand (well, she’s originally from Brazil, but she’s from New Zealand now!) and wanted to have plastic surgery done in Thailand, but wasn’t sure exactly where to start! As we find with many clients, her friends thought it was a bad idea to travel so far from home to a foreign country for surgery – it just sounded too risky and they weren’t sure what to think about Thailand.

But Eliete’s persistent, does her own research thoroughly and has a very, very supportive husband. She decided that nothing would come between her and her tummy tuck, so she set out to find a way forward. Fortunately, Eliete’s journey wasn’t paved with many obstacles. In fact, she seemed to make all the right choices straight from the start, proving that it pays to be smart, determined and to do your homework.

Eliete chose Thailand over Brazil and New Zealand because, after doing her research, she found that Thailand’s hospitals have quite a reputation for excellent cosmetic surgery services at competitive prices. It didn’t hurt matters that her husband saw in Thailand the opportunity for a much needed vacation. With the warm sunsets, blue water, fantastic food and smiling people, Thailand really is an ideal destination for a break from from the everyday grind. Still, the most important thing is the procedure itself – what, exactly, can Eliete (or anyone!) expect when coming to Thailand for plastic surgery?

This is where we were thrilled to find out that we helped Eliete a great deal. When she read online that Destination Beauty provided free assistance to anyone wishing to have cosmetic and medical treatment done in Thailand, she immediately sent us an email – and she’s thankful she did.

Every time I had questions, they had the answers,” Eliete said about her experience with us here at Destination Beauty. when it came to helping her get all the information she needed to know about the procedure, “They sent me pictures, they sent me email, they even rang me.”

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.