Laura’s journey 80 kgs weight loss NEW WOMAN

Laura is like a completely new woman with confidence restored and looking absolutely amazing. It was a long and hard journey for Laura. 5 years of hard work on the diet and exercise and it all paid off. Laura decided not to have gastric bypass but instead wanted to do it by herself. Laura’s main advise is that you have to change your mindset otherwise nothing will change. Laura used to be a size 24 and is now a size 8. It’s the small things that makes Laura happy “I love walking into a shop knowing they have my size”. CLICK TO SEE PLASTIC SURGERY DEALS.

before mummy makeover thailand   mummy makeover Thailand after

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Laura’s before / after pictures

breast implants lift before after

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breast implants lift narongdej thailand before after

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The size of breast implants used is 250 cc implants.

tummy tuck before after

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Laura had a full tummy tuck, and now the flabby skin is gone.

Above Laura before when she was close to 140 kgs, she was unable to find clothes easily and this dress was tailored for her. Now it’s a delight to find clothes says Laura. Next to it Laura as she is now with a beautiful dress.

Laura’s mummy makeover in Thailand

Laura had her surgery with Destination Beauty in early 2016. It was the experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Narongdej who did Laura’s surgery. The surgery as what Dr. Narongdej calls a multiple procedure surgery where Laura had her breast lift and augmentation and tummy tuck done in one surgical session. The surgery time is around 4-5 hours as Dr. Narongdej pair up with another capable surgeon whenever he has multiple procedures. Laura was admitted for 4 nights in the luxury ward with flat screen tv and yes… hospital food. After that Laura recuperated in Destination Beauty’s recuperation apartments.

As Laura puts it in her own words: “I love them honestly he did a fantastic job i cant even tell you what it has done for my self confidence within myself, nurse Aom was so kind and made everything a breeze. I cried when i first saw my breasts without the bandages tears of joy so very very happy ☺” Laura, many thanks for your Destination Beauty review and thanks for sharing your journey and before afters.

destination beauty after pictures breast lift augmentation

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.



disclaimer: Individual results may vary.