Chenae Had Breast Augmentation in Thailand

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disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Chenae had Breast Augmentation with Dr. Jib, Dr. pongsatorn.

Dr. Pongsatorn Before / Afters.


Surgery in Thailand was simply a no brainer for me. I actually looked into having it done in Perth, Australia but the price was really quite prohibitive for me. The thought of having the surgery done in Thailand at about half, almost a third of the cost, with the bonus of having a holiday at the same time became the best option, which appealed to me. One of my good friends also wanted breast augmentation so it was a chance for us to go with our partners in our own little group. The hardest part for me was the thought of leaving my daughter. My mother and mother-in-law offered to care for her whilst I would be away and in spite of my separation anxieties, I knew that she would be well looked after. My partner and friends kept me more than occupied so that I didn’t get too depressed about not having her with me.


Getting on the plane, I was actually quite pumped up and excited. The hardest part of getting on that plane from Perth to go to Thailand was the fact that I would not see my daughter for over a week. I had been to Thailand in 2010, so it was not an unfamiliar the country to me. I had no butterflies in relation to having surgery in Thailand because I knew that I had done my homework by way of research. At long last I was going to have what I have always wanted, which is decent boobs.

The morning of the surgery began with filling out heaps of paper work, having blood tests and the “all” important consultation with Dr. Jib in relation to what I wanted done. I was in and having the new “me” created by 11.30am that day.


disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Having performed more than 2000 successful cosmetic and reconstructive operations throughout his medical career; particularly in the areas of facial rejuvenation, breast and advanced body contouring surgeries, he is an internationally admired surgeon. Dr. Jib is affiliated with the Medical Council of Thailand, The Royal College of Surgeons Thailand and the Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Thailand.


disclaimer: Individual results may vary.


disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

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