Eyelid Surgery with Dr. Narongdej


I am no spring chicken, I am actually 70 years old, but now I feel amazing and I am so happy with my eyes that I can’t wipe the smile off my face. Aging has its problems, one of which is the fact that the skin on your eyelids becomes so baggy and loose that it is like peering out from underneath a growth. It makes your eyes so tired and actually hinders your eyesight somewhat. I put up with it for years. But with each passing year, it just got worse until it became quite unbearable. I so badly wanted to have something done about it.

I guess you could say I have always had a bit of an adventurous personality and a bit of a twinkle in my eye. My husband and I have been married for fifty years, which is something of a milestone. We left Chile in the early 1970’s for a better life in Australia after we got married and left all of our families to embark on what we called an adventure. We were prepared to take a risk that our lives would be happier in Australia with more opportunities than what we had in Chile. Now look at us, three grown up sons later and still very much together and happy after all those years. One son even went back to Chile for a while but what he expected, is not what he found and he is back in Australia again. So we did make the right decision, all of those years ago.

One day I just decided I had to do something about my droopy eyelids. I had been having so much trouble and hating the way I looked with my baggy hooded eyes, that everyone got tired of my complaining about it. I don’t normally get annoyed by anything much, but this was really getting to me. I consulted my local General Practitioner to see what could be done about it and then followed up with a Plastic Surgeon. The moment he quoted the price of $6,000, I promptly gave up on the idea. It was way too much money for me to spend on myself.

Thank goodness one of my sons took it upon himself to do a bit of research on the Internet for plastic surgery overseas for me. He was probably just tired of listening to me going on about my eyes. He kept on coming across the name of Tria Destination Beauty Bangkok as being the best Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Bangkok, which prompted him to follow up further and in particular with the reputation of Tria Destination Beauty Bangkok and their board certified plastic surgeons.

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The moment he showed us the photographs on the Internet of both Tria Destination Beauty Hospital and Destination Beauty at Samitivej Hospital Bangkok, I got excited. The board certified surgeons, the facilities and the wards looked amazing and as my son said, they more than rivaled what we had in Australia. As both my husband and I were quite skeptical about going to Thailand for plastic surgery, we quickly changed our minds about having the surgery done overseas. My son got busy with his life, so then it was up to us to delve deeper into the cost and the procedure on-line. We emailed Tria Destination Beauty and they could not have been more helpful.

The cost was a major determining factor as we are what I would say in the comfortable financial bracket. My husband has retired and I have always been a homemaker, so we do not just throw money around. We discovered that I could have the surgery and then both of us could have a holiday whilst I was recovering for the sum of about $2,990, which was half of what it would cost in Australia. I couldn’t believe it as that included both of our airfares, the operation and the hotel costs staying at Tria Destination Beauty Apartments. We have not been overseas since coming to Australia, so it would be a whole new adventure for us to experience together.

The surgical procedure went smoothly and without any hitches whatsoever. I am a very healthy 70 year old and do not take any medication whatsoever. It must be the Mediterranean genes! I had my consultation with Dr. Narongdej first thing in the morning at 8am and then my plastic surgery at 10am the same morning. I only needed some local anesthetic around my eyes to numb the area, which didn’t even make me cry despite being a bit uncomfortable. There was no pain at all though. It was a little bit disconcerting having it done whilst I was awake, but there was nothing to it really. Dr. Narongdej did the operation with the minimum of fuss and afterwards the nurse held out the excess skin which had been cut off and jokingly asked me if I wanted to keep it. I politely declined on that offer.Eyelid Surgery Before and After

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

There was only a small amount of pain once the anesthetic wore off so I took a couple of painkillers at that point. I did not need bandages and just had to keep my stitches dry which was a bit of a challenge, considering it was Songkran the week we were in Bangkok. Songkran is when everyone is throwing water over anyone who walks past in the street and is a celebration of the Thai New Year. I made sure I wore my sunglasses whenever I left the hotel because apart from the water issue, the sun was a little bit intense in my eyes.

Tria Destination Beauty actually have a nurse who visits the hotel every morning to check on patients and to ensure that they are fine with any bandages or whatever. Nurse Aom was amazing, as the day after the surgery she came to see me and cleaned my stitches and checked that I had no concerns. Nurse Aom even took us out on her day off for some shopping, which made our trip rather special being with a local. Her help and kindness was very much appreciated.


disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

The whole adventure was very exciting and I am now so proud of the way I look with my “new” eyes. Even the slight bruising disappeared quite quickly. I cannot thank Tria Destination Beauty enough for looking after both my husband and my self during the time we were in Bangkok and would not hesitate to recommend Tria Destination Beauty Bangkok for anyone who wishes to have plastic surgery.


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