Plastic Surgery in Thailand After 100 Weight Loss

plastic surgery after weight loss

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

This is the story about our lovely client Anita from New Zealand. Anita weighed 183 kgs at her max and lost 100 kgs through bariatric surgery and  her hard work. Anita is 39 years of age – and we asked Anita to share her story with us:

Tell us about how you gained and lost weight ?

Gastric bypass February 2007, heaviest weight 183kgs, got down to 103kg went through IVF to have my son, special needs child and lots of complications – genetic disease, prematurity – all of this stress saw me put weight back on – back up to 150kg, joined Results Fitness in June 2014 and started training to lose weight again – needed to think about my health too. I am now 83 kgs.


How did you hear about Destination Beauty ? And what made you come to Thailand ?

I Initially learned about Destination beauty through Facebook and did lots of research. I decided to come to Thailand for my plastic surgery due to mainly the attractive cost and good feedback I heard about Destination Beauty.

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disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Did you receive a quote for surgery in New Zealand ?

Yes, I was quoted NZD 22,000 just for a tummy tuck in New Zealand.


These are the before pictures:

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These are the after pictures

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disclaimer: Individual results may vary.


When you had your surgery, how many kgs. did you weigh ?

I was 95kgs pre surgery  (after surgery 6.7kgs loss so 89kgs post op ) 1 day later at home 2kgs additional gone. I am now 83 kgs.

Which procedures did you have ?

I had an extended tummy tuck and an arm lift.

Do you know how many kgs of skin was cut off ?

2.1kg from tummy, 300g from each arm.

Are you planning other procedures in the future ?

Yes, I will come back for a thigh lift, bra and backline lift and breast reduction/lift.

How did you finance your surgery trip ?

We actually decided to remortgage our house as that turned out to be the best option with the lowest interest rate.

Unless you have savings the Loan option via remortgage is the best option in NZ otherwise the interest rate is terrible.

What was the best thing that happened to you while in Thailand ?

Meeting amazing people and lifelong friends.

Did you meet many new friends ?

I met lots of ladies from New Zealand and Australia both in hospital and back at the apartments.

Tell us about the consultation ?

It was very brief but informative – my surgeon drew all over me, asked me if I wanted breasts done at the same time – he answered my questions then advised the surgery would happen within 3 hours from me seeing him.

How did you feel when you woke up after surgery ?

Very groggy but no pain.

How did you cope at the hospital after surgery ? How many nights admitted ?

I had my husband there – 5 nights admitted.

Did you have a lot of pain ?

No, not at all.

How did you feel when you first looked at your tummy and your arms ?

Was blown away by my arms, they are beyond my expectations- tummy flat and I can see my girl bits and feet when I look down!

Any advice to somebody sitting at home considering doing the same ?

Don’t be scared, it’s the best thing you could do – financially much better, care is incredible and amazing hospital. 

How was the food in Thailand ?

Hospital food was yuck haha.

The service at the hospital ?

Service was amazing – nurses always come in to do observations. Language barrier was hard but I downloaded an app to translate. At least 1 nurse on each shift could  speak English (if nurses didn’t understand you could always get another nurse to help).

Say something about the hospital ?

I had an amazing hospital room with flat screen own toilet and an extra sofa for my husband.

Even the toilet seat was warm! (It had remotes to warm it) room looked more like a hotel room rather than a hospital room. Got serviced and cleaned 2x a day!

Say something about the surgeon ?

Surgeon was great, advised me of what was going to happen, I asked for lipo but he advised against – he wouldn’t do something unless completely necessary.

Say something about some of the people that stood out:

Nurse Aom went out of her way to get me a compression bodysuit – was so very thankful as the bands that you buy rolled up on me so was very uncomfortable.

Mikey the driver was just fantastic, always happy and smiling, as were Joy and Sherry – just an amazing bunch of people 


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disclaimer: Individual results may vary.