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My name is Angie and I am 44 years of age. I am a mother of 3 lovely children and I have a great supporting husband. Here is my story of my trip to Thailand where I met the Destination Beauty team.

Before I tell about my Thailand experience let me share with you that I was overweight for years, many kgs overweight. I felt tired with no energy, it is really a terrible feeling when you feel no motivation or energy and you have 3 children who wants your attention and want you to play with them. I decided I was going to turn my life around!

In 2011 I had Gastric Sleeve surgery – it is a surgery what basically helps you loose weight – rapidly if I may add. I joined the gym as well and had a personal trainer for a year! My Total weight loss was almost 75 kgs.

As a result of my rapid weight loss I had lots of sagging skin everywhere on my body, and as a part of my transformation to a thinner more energetic Angie I knew I had to loose some of all that excess skin.

I knew plastic surgery in Australia would be expensive, I had however no idea that the cost would be close to $100,000 for my make-over in Australia. I actually stopped considering having plastic surgery in Australia once I received a quote for $15,000 to do my arms only – I needed a lot more work than just my arms.

I explored other options and Destination Beauty plastic surgery in Thailand was recommended to me. Once I contacted Destination Beauty I was assigned my personal consultant, the lovely Destination Beauty Rep. My rep helped my with getting a quote and planning our trip in Thailand. Miss Toey also invited me to one of Destination Beauty’s plastic surgery Thailand seminars in Sydney, where I met previous client and I met a lovely Destination Beauty plastic surgeon.

My husband and children wanted to be with me for support and that was really important for me. We all travelled to Thailand and stayed in a spacious serviced apartment Destination Beauty helped us book. The apartment was just 7 minutes walk from the hospital or 2 minutes walk to Destination Beauty’s office. My children loved the swimming pool at the apartment.

Everything went well, from we were greeted in Bangkok airport by Mikey Destination Beauty’s driver, until we checked into the apartment and went to the hospital.

The hospital was totally unbelievable. It is so beautiful and the staff from the plastic surgery center and Destination Beauty really makes a difference. I had a consultation with my surgeons, where we discussed the strategy for removing the skin and how many surgeries it would require. After the consultation I had a thorough check up in the hospital to ensure I was fit for my major surgery.

I had a full tummy tuck, flank lift on my back and arms lift. Like any surgery there is pain but with pain tablets and re-assurance from the Dr’s that everything will be ok – it keeps you going. My cuts are pretty big but Im healing really well no complications.

My husband and children were happy for me as they can see how much I wanted to have these operations to get rid of my excess skin from losing the weight, they were initially worried but upon arriving at the Hospital & meeting the staff & Dr’s made it better. They were fine going and coming between hospital and apartment as it was a 7 minute walk.

I feel fantastic now the best thing after losing weight is to get rid of the skin that was a constant reminder of my weight. I love my new tummy, it’s nice and tight no more stomach flap, or back flap. my doctor referred to my arms before surgery as my wings and we had a laugh about that. I don’t have wings anymore, though I do feel I can fly

I would recommend Destination Beauty to organise your plastic surgery they are fantastic I wouldn’t have gone with anyone else and the Hospital staff and Dr’s were fabulous.

Thank You Destination Beauty, and staff for my new body transformation I love you all and I will be back for more surgery I cant wait to see your friendly faces again.

Love Angie

I had a good time with her and her family during her stay. I could feel love and care in this family, I could feel her excitement with the result and it made me so happy.

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.