“Breast augmentation in Australia $15000 vs. Thailand $3249”

Breast augmentation in Australia $15000 vs. Thailand $3249

My first thought was to have breast augmentation in Australia. A quote of $15,000 for the surgery in Australia quickly got me looking for other alternatives. My quote from Destination Beauty came within a few days from uploading my pictures. The quote was THB 99,000 approximately $3249 or $3500 if the breast implant size is larger than 400cc. Thats like one quarter of the price in Australia.

I did a lot of research about the surgeon (Dr. Narongdej), the procedure, the healing, the sizes…basically I did a lot of research. When I arrived in Thailand I was armed with a list of questions I wanted to discuss with Dr. Narongdej.

Dr. Narongdej – my plastic surgeon

My first impression of Dr. Narongdej was…he knows what he is talking about, and he is telling me what is possible and what I can do in terms of size. I liked the fact that he was pleasant and direct. He was not trying to please me – he was trying to please me with a great result.

We spent time trying on different sizes, and discuss the placement under or over the muscle. Where to put the incision. What size would fit my frame. We talked about my expectations to surgery and Dr. Narongdej was very clear as to what we could achieve.

I was very nervous and I was so happy that my fiancé was there for my support. I did feel good about having Dr. Narongdej doing my new breast as he has done it so many times before. I woke up after the surgery. It was funny because I managed to move the blankets and stared down to check if I had my new boobies. I remembered the nurses looking at me with a look saying like “yes, you have your new boobies”.

My Result

After an hour, they then wheeled me into my hospital room where my partner was waiting. It was night time then so I was given some pain relief and then I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up and was fine to have some breakfast.  But before breakfast, the first thing I did was take a “selfie” to send to my best girlfriend. She even said she has never seen me look so happy before.  She was so jealous to say the least.  Next thing I was to pop onto Instagram and post away. I think I was three days post-op and all I wanted to wear was a bikini. ☺

Pain wise, I didn’t think I ever experienced serious pain. I would say it’s more discomfort but not pain. I do have a high pain threshold I suppose, but I was also lucky to have my partner to help out in the first 24 hours. He washed my hair and helped me with other things that involved using my upper chest muscles. And bruising was not something bad nor were drain tubes so I couldn’t complain.

It’s funny when I talk about sizes. A lot of my friends were amazed how natural they looked but that was because I am not the one to show them off and flaunt them. I often wear high cut tops so it just complimented my body. When I was bra shopping for the first time, I was incorrectly fitted as a 10D. So for about 1 week, I was under the assumption that I was 10D. But the next time I went and got bra fitted, I discovered I am actually a 10E.

I feel my size is perfect. I am able to show them off in a sexy bra or even in my bikini or at work or during the week I can wear casual business tops. No one would think I have had them done. I love this because at work I don’t want to be seen as some huge busted bimbo for which I am not or that “pornstar”look. It’s just that stereotype that comes with big boobs I suppose.

I would 100% recommend Destination Beauty in Thailand. The cost, results, and holiday deals are the reasons why they are your next big deal. Accommodations and transfers were organised so well that everything was so stress-free. And our driver Mikey who drove us from airport to hotel to hospital, he was so great. It was live having a free tour guide with all his tips and trivia about Thailand. We would have gotten lost in the city if it wasn’t for the organised arrangement with Destination Beauty.

And more importantly, you should never miss out on the buffet breakfast. It was truly exceptional quality service. I just loved it, from cereal to coffee to scrambled eggs made right in front of you with the ingredients of your liking. You choose. Also, the day I got to hand-feed a baby tiger was once a lifetime opportunity. It is something I will never forget.amy-result-big

Now, gone are the days when I decline party invitations because it was held at the beach where I had to wear a bikini. After my surgery, once I put a bikini on I don’t want to take it off. The surge of emotions when I see positive reviews online about my results was overwhelming. It makes me want to pinch myself, it feels like I’m in a dream. I now feel feminine, sexy, beautiful, and proud of my body.

Pardon my very long story. I just can’t stop talking about this transformation in my body. My personal life, social life, and work life has taken its dramatic turn after my surgery. I now feel more inspired, confident, and more importantly I am happier than I’ve ever been.

In the future I would consider further surgery, whether to increase the size of my implants or decrease, as I am yet to have children. Even seeing amazing results on dental work in Thailand, which is something I would also be interested in. As my first surgery was flawless in every aspect, I wouldn’t have to think twice to hop on a plane and do it all again.

Breast Augmentation Facts:

Plastic Surgeon: Dr. Narongdej – head plastic surgeon at DESTINATION BEAUTY plastic surgery center in Bangkok

Breast implant Size: 435cc, textured silimed cohesive silicone implants

Placement: under the muscle

Price: THB 109,000 approx AUD 4549 (implants less than 400cc cost THB 99,000 approx AUD 3249)