Rhinoplasty surgery in Thailand

Dr. Piyapas talks about rhinoplasty in Thailand

In this interview with Dr. Piyapas he shares how he studied about rhinoplasty in USA, the different kinds of rhinoplasty and how long time you should stay in Thailand when having rhinoplasty.

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You can learn more about rhinoplasty and other plastic surgeries in Thailand by inquiring here – CLICK HERE TO GET MORE INFO.

Having rhinoplasty in Thailand

You can have rhinoplasty with Dr. Piyapas in Phuket by completing our evaluation form, specifying Dr. Piyapas as the requested surgeon. You can also have rhinoplasty in Bangkok with one of our other capable rhonoplasty surgeons: Dr. Prasert, Dr. Witoon, Dr. Suprasid or Dr. Montien. CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE AN EVALUATION FORM.

Rhinoplasty Thailand cost

Rhinoplasty in Thailand cost from THB 120,000 for simple procedures upto THB 220,000 for more complicated procedures. To get your personal rhinoplasty quote, please complete the evaluation form.