Weight Loss Surgery Australia

We offer the full range of weight loss surgeries in Australia. Our most popular package is our Gastric Sleeve package in Sydney, which includes pre-surgery consults and screening, surgery in private hospital with overnight stay (typically 2-3 nights) and post operative follow up consults. The team in Sydney has years of experience and lots of success working with clients achieving a better overall health and weight loss.

How much does it cost?

The gastric sleeve package cost approx. $17,860, which includes screening (endocrine doctor, surgeon and dietician), surgery with admission in private hospital, surgeon fee, anaesthesiologist fee and follow ups. The package price assumes you qualify for medicare rebates. Cost exclude hotel and transfers, we are happy to assist with booking this.

How can I finance weight loss surgery?

Loan option

We work with TLC to provide attractive terms for a payment plan / loan option. The weekly payment amount is from $95 per week. Inquire with TLC by CLICKING HERE.

Early Super release

Getting early release of your Super is another option of financing the weight loss surgery costs. We are happy to assist with this process. Please note you will pay tax of the money you deduct from your Super; for example, if you ask for Super release $17,860, you will receive $17,860 in cash, where as approx $22,800 is deducted from your Super. Please check with the ATO directly about tax matters. CLICK HERE to inquire for this option.

Private Health Insurance for Weight loss surgery

If you have private health insurance, which include weight loss surgery, you will likely have the majority of the costs covered by your health insurance. Different plans provide different coverage. CLICK HERE to inquire for weight loss surgery using your private health insurance.

Do I qualify for weight loss surgery in Australia?

The easiest way to find out if you qualify for weight loss surgery is to fill in the online evaluation form CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE IT. The initial screening is done based on your BMI. As a general rule of thumb you are considered a good candidate if your BMI is above 35 with or without underlying diseases. Is your BMI between 32-35 gastric sleeve may be an option, but this needs to be confirmed during the screening process. CLICK HERE to read more about the BMI ranges and weight loss surgery options in Australia.

How does the process work?

First step is to complete the online evaluation form – CLICK HERE.

You will then be contacted with Destination Beauty, discussing your options.

Next step is to get a referral from a GP and start the screening process, this usually includes a blood test and a swallow test.

You will be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire before your first consult with the screening doctor, which is typically an endocrine doctor.

If you are high risk for sleep apnea you will be requested to undergo a sleep study, this can be done as an at home sleep test.

The screening endocrine doctor will carry out the first face to face consult or tele meeting with you once test results and questionnaire is complete. The screening doctor will refer to dietician and surgeon for consults as well.

Once the screening is successfully completed and you confirm to go ahead with surgery, the surgery will be booked.

You will be admitted into hospital and undergo surgery.

If you live outside Sydney you should stay in a hotel for minimum 5 nights after surgery. If you live in Sydney you can recover at home after discharge from hospital.

There will be follow ups with the surgeon and team after surgery.

Where can I learn more about weight loss surgery?

We publish stories and videos on a regular basis on our Facebook Page and our Instagram Page, you should join us.

You can also apply to join our below closed Facebook Groups:

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