Promotion Packages

 THBApprox AUDApprox NZD
Full Face Lift215000$9,483$10,166
Neck Lift109000$4,807$5,154
Midface Lift109000$4,807$5,154
Midface & Neck Lift178000$7,851$8,416

Facelift Thailand Holiday

A Thailand Facelift holiday is the special and wonderful experience!

You depart from your home for holiday looking tired. Surprisingly, you will return with a young and refreshed look. People in their fifties will look around 15-20 years younger and people in their forties will look 10 years younger. TheĀ  Facelift consists of different surgeries. For example, a “full facelift” consist of temporal, mid face and neck lift. Mostly, our clients may also consider having excess skin from the eyelids removed or perhaps a direct eyebrow lift. The illustration below shows the incision for a Full Facelift surgery.

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Facelift Thailand incisions

Incision for a Full Facelift in Thailand

Looking Younger – Facelift in Thailand

It’s about looking younger without looking fake.

Our surgeons carry out a modern Facelift, and will tighten the underlying muscles to ensure you receive a more lasting result. Excess skin will be removed as well as a part of the Facelift surgery. During your consultation, you will discuss the details with your surgeon directly. We recommend that you should look at some of our before and after pictures to see the possibility. Also, you may want to speak with one of our previous clients about their Facelift Thailand experience/review.

Facelift Surgery

A Full Facelift takes around 3 hours of surgery and you will be under general anesthesia. You will be admitted in a single room at the hospital for around 2 nights. You can easily sightseeing Thailand after having your surgery done. However, you are advised to take it easy and listen to your body. You will be somewhat swollen and bruised after the surgery. It is very important that you have stopped smoking at least 14 days before surgery, and you must not smoke for 14 days after the surgery. You can easily have a Facelift and enjoy your holiday in Thailand with us.

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Facelift Before and after

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