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 THBApprox AUDApprox NZD
Dental From
Check-up and Consultation per visitfreefreefree
Teeth Whitening9000$401$415
Hollywood Smile - 16 Veneers Empress Esthetic148000$6,602$6,830
Porcelain Veneer: IPS Empress Esthetics per veneer12000$535$554
Non-Precious Alloy per crown14000$625$646
Semi-Precious Alloy per crown20000$892$923
All Ceramic (Zirconia) per crown18000$803$831
Dental Implant (NeoDent) starting from (per implant)58000$2,587$2,677
Bone Graft starts from40000$1,784$1,846
Root Canal starts from9000-15000$401-$669$415-$692

Dental in Thailand – Your Guide

Looking for a new smile ? Look no further – our dental center will get that smile back on your face.

dental porcelain veneer bangkok

Our dental center in Bangkok and Phuket will bring that smile back on your face! At our dental center you will meet an experienced dentist. Our main dentist in Bangkok, Thailand Dr. Pohlert often visit Australia to attend our seminars and discuss about dental solutions with our Australian dental clients.

On this page we will take about how you can get a quote from our Dental center, what kind of procedures you should consider and of course we will talk about prices and quality.

Dental packages Thailand

The most popular dental producedure and packages we offer in Thailand is what we call “The Hollywood Smile”. It’s a smile similar to the smile the movie stars have.

Hollywood smile dental Package 1 (20 veneers) 

A popular package for dental is our 20 porcelain veneer hollywood smile package. You will need to spend approximately 14 days in Bangkok, and you will need to visit the dentist approximately 4 times during that period.

Hollywood smile dental Package 2 (16 veneers / 4 crowns) 

A great dental package with 16 high quality porcelain veneers, and 4 zirconia porcelain dental crowns. Expect to spend 14 days in Bangkok and 4 visits to the dentist during that period.

The above 2 dental packages are good examples of cost for getting a smile-makeover in Thailand. Your detailed treatment plan will be determined at your first visit to the dentist, where an X-ray will be taken and examined. The above 2 packages both use high quality porcelain veneers (not cheap composite veeners) and latest technology Zirconia crowns of porcelain.

Dental veneers

When we discuss about dental veneers with our chief dentist Dr. Pohlert the verdict is clear. Go with the porcelain veneers. Do not try to cut corners with the cheaper composite dental veneers. Why is that ? The composite veneers crack more often than the porcelain veneers, and they may also be stained.

Dental veneers is for you who has discoloured teeth or perhaps your teeth is in different colors.

Dental crowns

Dr. Pohlert believes the best value for money dental crown on the market is the Zirconia porcelain crown. The material inside is ZIRCON and outside you have high quality porcelain. It’s a relative new technology. It’s very strong. Crowns is something you should consider after a root canal, or if you have a cracked tooth or perhaps a big filling that is broken.

Dental implants in Thailand

How is it with Dental implants then ? Well, firstly Dr. Pohlert do not believe ‘SAME DAY IMPLANTS” is a good solution. The process to replace lost teeth takes several months to ensure a good result and generally it works like this:

1. At the first visit Dr. Pohlert will examine your teeth and determine a treatment plan. If your bone is wide enough to support the implant, the “screw” can the inserted into your mouth. Then you need to wait for “bone integration” – basically the screw need to integrate with the bone. You can typically go to the next step after 3-4 months. The first step will require you to stay in Bangkok for 1 week, and it will typically require 2 visits.

2. The second step is to fix the crown to the screw. The doctor will in the first visit ensure that your implant screw has integrated well and will then take an impression for the crown. Your next visit will be to have the crown fixed to the implant screw. You will need to spend 2 weeks in Bangkok to complete the process.

In some cases, approx 20-30%, your bone may not be big enough to support a dental implant screw, in which case you will need to do what is called a “bone graft”. The dentist will do surgery to fix/graft artificial bone to your existing bone. A period of healing of 6-12 months is required before you can start “step 1” as above.

How to get started ?

If you wish to do veneers and crowns sending clear pictures of your teeth to or your rep directly is usually enough to make a treatment plan. If you require dental implants, our dentist would like to receive an X-ray prior to you coming over to Thailand. However if you do not wish to make an X-ray with your local dentist, then just come over to Thailand and we will do they X-ray and make a treatment plan that suits you.

What can delay my new smile ?

Dr. Pohlert would like to make you aware that if you require a root canal (basically an infected dental root), then you will need to add minimum 1 week to the treatment plan. If you have Periodontal disease (red and sore gums) then you will need to have the gums cleaned and have this treated. Periodontal disease will add additional 2-3 weeks to the treatment plan. If you already decided to do something about that smile of yours, then contact us today and we will get you started!

Other procedures

We do all dental procedures. So if you require just a cleaning, a whitening, a filling or perhaps a root canal then come and see us.

Dental Before and Afters veneers

dental porcelain veneer thailand before and afterdental before and after thailanddental-before-and-after veneers thailand cheap dental-before-and-after veneers bangkok dental-before-and-after thailand dental-before-and-after porcelain veneers thailand dental-before-and-after porcelain veneers cheap bangkok dental-before-and-after porcelain veneers bangkok dental-before-and-after nice bangkok dental-before-and-after implant dental-before-and-after bangkok dental-before-and-after bangkok thailand