Promotion Packages
 THBApprox AUDApprox NZD
Breast Reduction155000$7,097$7,466
Nipple Reduction22000$1,007$1,060
Areola Reduction32000$1,465$1,541

Breast Reduction in Thailand

Breast Reduction is mainly about correcting Heavy sagging Breast to make it look better. 

It’s all about giving you nicer and smaller breast that are lifted up where they should be. The best way to find out more about breast reduction is to fill in our Free Evaluation and Quote form. Here you will attach pictures of your breast from the front and both sides. Then our surgeon will determine if breast reduction or perhaps a lift is the best solution for you. Along with the plastic surgeons recommendation, you will also receive a personal quote.

Breast Reduction in Bangkok or Phuket ?

We offer Breast Reduction packages in both Bangkok and Phuket. Bangkok is generally the preferred option for most of our clients, as the cost is more affordable. The surgery cost from THB 155,000 and includes 2-3 nights in the hospital. Your minimum stay should be 14 days in Thailand to ensure that your healing is progressing correctly before going home. CLICK HERE to see breast reduction deals and many more plastic surgery deals and packages.

How to Determine the Dew Breast Size ?

Having big breast for most of your life time, which size do you want to go for after the reduction surgery? 

This is a common question and it is the key question you have to discuss with your plastic surgeon during the consultation. The surgeon will tell you what he can do to lift and reduce the breast size. You need to make sure this is what you want and discuss clearly with your surgeon about your preferred size. Your surgeons focus is to look for something that fit your body the best, so please listen to you surgeons carefully.

Scaring after Breast Reduction

The incision most commonly used is the inverted T incision / anchor  incision. This incision provides lots of lift. The healing process of scars depends on individual. Generally the scar should be a small white line after 6-12 months of the post-surgery.

Breast Reduction Thailand Stories

Meet some of our clients who already had their breast reduction in Thailand.

CLICK HERE to meet Georgia who had her Breast Reduction, Liposuction and Tummy Tuck in Thailand.

breast reduction thailand before after

Toni’s Breast Reduction (and Tummy Tuck) Story

Meet lovely Toni, she had her Breast Reduction in Thailand with Destination Beauty.

See her story and her before/afters here: Toni’s Breast Reduction Bangkok.

breast reduction thailand bangkok