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Among others procedures, Breast Augmentation is the most popular procedure in Thailand. The surgery alone starts at THB 99,000 or Approx $3899. On top of that, there\’s hotel, transfer (Airport – Hotel – Hospital), Nurse visit at the apartment and other accommodations. Please kindly check out our promotion package above to see a complete package. For the stay, we recommend you to stay as a minimum requirement for 8 nights in Thailand: 1 night in hospital and 7 nights in hotel.


Who can have Breast Augmentation in Thailand ?


Any woman, who have a good health aged 18 or above, desires to increase breast volume can book a Breast Augmentation through Destination Beauty. At our surgery centers in Thailand, we have welcomed young ladies, mothers and grandmothers flying across the world for Breast Augmentation with Destination Beauty. It is the most popular procedure, which have been done by one of the most experienced and skillful Surgeons.


The Breast Implants We Use


In short, Silicone gel is the only kind of implants that our plastic surgeons recommended. Since our surgeons do not work with Saline Breast Implants, due to its various issues involving with this type of implants. Therefor, Silicone implants is a preferred choice and we mostly use these top brands: Mentor or Motiva. These three brands are considered to be the best implants in the market. The implants come in many shapes and sizes: Low profile, medium profile and high profile, referring to its shape. We also have teardrop implants available. Our clients usually have between 250cc and 500cc inserted, either over or under the breast muscle. We generally work with smooth implants as this type of implant has shown a lower chance of developing BI-ALCL.


How to Select the Correct Size For Breast Implants


As mentioned before, Breast Implants come in with different shapes and sizes. Selecting the correct/best size for you is carefully chosen together with your plastic surgeon. During your consultation, your plastic surgeon will examine your skin to see how much it can be expanded, the surgeon will also measure your breast to figure out which size is the most suitable one for you.

Most of our clients already have their ideal size or shape of implant in their mind before the consultation, as they may have seen the previous clients’ results. Still, our surgeons advice you to make a decision about the size and shape together during the consultation. We suggest you to accept and acknowledge surgeon’s recommendations. During the consultation, surgeon will let you try on a few sizes by inserting the implant into a support bra. Please remember that the larger size you choose, the higher risk you will have to face, in terms of complications. If in doubt…please listen to your plastic surgeon carefully.


How Do I Get Breast Augmentation in Thailand ?


We are here to help you plan and inform you for more details. First, please fill in your free evaluation CLICK HERE. Once you complete the free evaluation form, we will discuss your case with our surgeon and get back to you with a recommendation and quote. After that, you can book your surgery and fly over to Thailand. Once you arrive in Thailand, we will pick you up from the airport and take you to your spacious apartment for the first night to rest. The following morning, we will pick you up and take you to the hospital.

At the hospital, you will consult with your plastic surgeon and agree on the size and type of implant. You will go through the pre-surgery check-up, which consists of a blood test, an X-ray, and some tests to ensure that you are fit for surgery. Most likely, the surgery will take place in the afternoon on the same day. You will be under general anesthesia and the whole surgery takes around 1.5 hours. During surgery, the implant will be inserted above or under your breast muscle and the surgeon will make 2 incisions (on each breast, left and right). The most common incision is under the breastfold. Alternatively, you can also request the incision to be made in the armpit or around the areola.

You will spend 1 night in the hospital, then we will pick you up and take you to your apartment the following day. You will go back to the hospital for your follow-up around 7 days after surgery. At the follow-up, your surgeon will instruct you how to massage your breast and other post-surgery guidelines.


Most Common Complications from Breast Augmentation Surgery


There are risks of complications with all surgeries and breast implant surgery is no exception. The most common complication is capsular contracture, which is the case when your body builds scar tissue around the implant, making one or both breasts hard. In some cases, extensive massage can relieve the contracture. However, in some cases re-surgery will be required to remove the contracture. Infection, hematoma, and necrosis are also complications you will need to be aware of.


Breast Augmentation Thailand Before and After


Below are the before and after pictures of breast augmentation in Thailand. 


breast augmentation thailand


Hanna breast augmentation




Meet our clients who had Breast Augmentation

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