Promotion Packages
THBApprox AUDApprox NZD
Arm Lift82500$3,643$3,950
Thigh Lift190000$8,390$9,097
Buttock Lift99000$4,372$4,740

Body Lift Surgery in Thailand

Body Lift surgery is something we do more and more in Thailand. This is a procedure offering to clients, who lost massive weight. As a result of the weight loss, lots of skin is sagging all over the body. If you had undergoing a gastric bypass, gastric band or perhaps a gastric sleeve, you will know what we are talking about. Our recent client had lost 75 kgs over 2 years and needed the following procedures: Arm Lift, Breast Lift, Circumferential Tummy Tuck (a tummy tuck going all the way to your back) and Thigh Lift. Our client had separate surgeries within spent 4 weeks in Thailand.

Every case is different and the best way to learn more is to CLICK HERE AND FILL IN YOUR FREE BODY LIFT EVALUATION FORM. It is simple you take pictures from the front and side of your body and attach in the evaluation form. Our plastic surgeon will then evaluate your pictures and your medical history and shortly after you will receive a quote with the surgeons recommendations.

Read about Caitlin’s full body lift after losing 70 kgs! 

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What can you expect from a body lift surgery?

Pain is probably the first thing that pop up in your mind but the thing is the pain is well-managed by our hospitals. Our clients do not generally complain of being in pain.

One clients first observation was that she could now see her feet :). You can expect that your excess skin will be removed. Your tummy, back and thighs will look much better and slimmer. In the beginning, you will have visible scars. The scars will generally fade over time, after 6-12 months the scars should be very small. The best way to find out about the experience and healing is to have a chat with our previous clients.

A body lift is a massive surgery so you should consult with your local GP about having the surgery and ask if you are fit enough for this particular surgery. At the same time, fill in the body lift evaluation form and attach pictures so our surgeon can give back the feedback.

Why Body lift in Thailand?

An affordable Body Lift Surgery is the only thing that matter.

Our clients usually try to have body lift surgery covered via the national health insurance or other insurance. In reality, not many succeed in having the surgery via insurance. Is a body lift surgery in Thailand cheaper than in Australia ? Absolutely, it is. We have heard reports of quotes higher than $100,000, which most people cannot afford that high price. This is the reason why having surgery done in Thailand becomes interesting. Our clients typically save 60-80% on having their body lift in Thailand with Destination Beauty. Our larger cases are usually handled by Dr. Narongdej or Dr. Pichit, and when they carry out the surgery they usually have another assisting board certified plastic surgeon working alongside. Having 2 surgeons in one operating room means your surgery will be faster and  safer.

Cost for Body Lift Thailand?

The cost of the body lift depends on the number of procedures. You can refer to our Plastic Surgery Price list for a break down of the typical cost of the different surgeries. The best way to get an overview of the price is to request a quote, click here: body lift evaluation form.