Pricelist Destination Beauty @ Samitivej

 THBApprox AUDApprox NZD
Main Procedures From
Breast Augmentation up to 400 cc109000$4,596$4,954
Tummy Tuck less than 80kg120000$5,059$5,454
VASER Liposuction per area69000$2,909$3,136
Breast Lift109000$4,596$4,954
Full Face Lift ( temporal, mid-face, neck )225000$9,486$10,226
Nose Job150000$6,324$6,818
 THBApprox AUDApprox NZD
Breast Procedure From
Breast Augmentation up to 400 cc99000$4,174$4,500
Breast Augmentation above 400 cc109000$4,596$4,954
Breast Augmentation Tear Drop up to 400 cc119000$5,017$5,409
Breast Correction less than 400 cc130000$5,481$5,909
Breast Correction 400-525 cc140000$5,903$6,363
Breast Correction 550-800 cc160000$6,746$7,272
Breast Lift155000$6,535$7,045
Breast Lift with Augment 100 to 400 cc198000$8,348$8,999
Breast Reduction155000$6,535$7,045
Nipple Reduction22000$928$1,000
Areola Reduction32000$1,349$1,454
Body Procedure From
Vaser Liposuction (1st area)70000$2,951$3,182
Vaser Liposuction (additional areas / combined with other procedures) per area55000$2,319$2,500
Mini Tummy Tuck120000$5,059$5,454
Tummy Tuck less than 80kg120000$5,059$5,454
Tummy Tuck 80-90kg135000$5,692$6,136
Tummy Tuck less 90-100kg150000$6,324$6,818
Arm Lift82500$3,478$3,750
Thigh Lift119000$5,017$5,409
Buttock Lift99000$4,174$4,500
Buttock Implant180000$7,589$8,181
Face Procedure From
Full Face Lift ( temporal, mid-face, neck )215000$9,065$9,772
Neck Lift69000$2,909$3,136
Midface Lift109000$4,596$4,954
Midface & Neck Lift178000$7,505$8,090
Temporal and Midface Lift178000$7,505$8,090
Upper Eyelid Surgery22000$928$1,000
Lower Eyelid Surgery22000$928$1,000
Open Rhino Plasty (Start From)120000$5,059$5,454
Nose Implant25900$1,092$1,177

Our prices are fully inclusive, including consultation, surgery, medicine, implants and 1-4 nights in private room at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital.

****Surgery is paid for in Thai Baht currency (AUD and NZD values are only approximate).