Plastic Surgery Thailand Pricelist

 THBApprox AUDApprox NZD
Main Procedures From
Breast Augmentation up to 400 cc99000$4,801$4,998
Tummy Tuck less than 80kg120000$5,819$6,058
VASER Liposuction (1st area)70000$3,395$3,534
VASER Liposuction (additional areas) per area55000$2,667$2,777
Breast Lift155000$7,516$7,826
Full Face Lift215000$10,426$10,855
Nose Job120000-150000$5,819-$7,274$6,058-$7,573
Gastric Sleeve Surgery with 15 nights in Bangkok299500$14,524$15,121

 THBApprox AUDApprox NZD
Breast Procedure From
Breast Augmentation up to 400 cc99000$4,801$4,998
Breast Augmentation above 400 cc109000$5,286$5,503
Breast Augmentation Tear Drop up to 400 cc119000$5,771$6,008
Breast Correction less than 400 cc130000$6,304$6,563
Breast Correction 400-525 cc140000$6,789$7,068
Breast Correction 550-800 cc160000$7,759$8,078
Breast Lift155000$7,516$7,826
Breast Lift with Augment 100 to 400 cc198000$9,602$9,996
Breast Reduction155000$7,516$7,826
Nipple Reduction22000$1,067$1,111
Areola Reduction32000$1,552$1,616
Body Procedure From
Vaser Liposuction (1st area)70000$3,395$3,534
Vaser Liposuction (additional areas / combined with other procedures) per area55000$2,667$2,777
Mini Tummy Tuck120000$5,819$6,058
Tummy Tuck less than 80kg120000$5,819$6,058
Tummy Tuck 80-90kg135000$6,547$6,816
Tummy Tuck less 90-100kg150000$7,274$7,573
Arm Lift82500$4,001$4,165
Thigh Lift119000$5,771$6,008
Buttock Lift99000$4,801$4,998
Buttock Implant180000$8,729$9,088
Face Procedure From
Full Face Lift ( temporal, mid-face, neck )215000$10,426$10,855
Neck Lift69000$3,346$3,484
Midface Lift109000$5,286$5,503
Midface & Neck Lift178000$8,632$8,987
Temporal and Midface Lift178000$8,632$8,987
Upper Eyelid Surgery22000$1,067$1,111
Lower Eyelid Surgery22000$1,067$1,111
Open Rhino Plasty (Start From)120000$5,819$6,058
Nose Implant25900$1,256$1,308


 THBApprox AUDApprox NZD
Dental From
Check-up and Consultation per visitfreefreefree
Teeth Whitening9000$436$454
Hollywood Smile - 16 Veneers Empress Esthetic148000$7,177$7,472
Porcelain Veneer: IPS Empress Esthetics per veneer12000$582$606
Non-Precious Alloy per crown14000$679$707
Semi-Precious Alloy per crown20000$970$1,010
All Ceramic (Zirconia) per crown18000$873$909
Dental Implant (NeoDent) starting from (per implant)58000$2,813$2,928
Bone Graft starts from40000$1,940$2,019
Root Canal starts from9000-15000$436-$727$454-$757

 THBApprox AUDApprox NZD
Destination Beauty Service
Transfer (airport – hotel – hospital) 6 ways2500$121$126
3-Star Accommodation / night1300$63$66
4-Star Luxury Accommodation / night2800$136$141
Add a support person (3-Star)3300$160$167
Add a support person (4-Star)6650$322$336

*See our flyback cover prices and policies here.

Our prices are from prices, fully inclusive, including consultation, surgery, medicine, implants and 1-4 nights in private room at Destination Beauty Plastic Surgery Center @ Thonburi

****Surgery is paid for in Thai Baht currency (AUD and NZD values are only approximate).

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Plastic Surgery Thailand Cost/Prices

Our plastic surgery Thailand price list clearly shows how affordable plastic surgery in Thailand is. We have been working hard for many years to gather Thailand’s best plastic surgeons and create a very attractive plastic surgery price list.

The plastic surgery cost are our list prices. To receive a firmer quote you should complete your free evaluation. Remember to attach clear pictures when completing you evaluation. Destination Beauty’s rep will then discuss your case with our plastic surgeon. We will thereafter return with a quote and a treatment plan. Please do as you are advised and if you’re make a  decision on breast implant sizes about 400 cc, there will be a surcharge of THB 10,000.

Why are our plastic surgery cost so affordable ?

Unlike most other plastic surgery centers / clinics, we have our clinic inside a large international hospital. This means consultation, surgery and recovery is under 1 roof. Our setup is a lot more efficient than the usual plastic surgery clinic. Our cost reflect that and this in return gives you our customer very attractive plastic surgery prices. We do not compromise on quality. Our surgeons and Doctors are experienced and highly qualified, our implants and equipment are state of the art.

If you have any question about plastic surgery prices at our Thailand facilities please email: