Phuket International Plastic Surgery Pricelist

 THBApprox AUDApprox NZD
Main Procedures From
Breast Augmentation (Round up to 499cc.)115000$4,849$5,227
Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)165000$6,957$7,499
Traditional Liposuction - 1st Area60000$2,530$2,727
Breast Lift130000$5,481$5,909
Face Lift130000$5,481$5,909
Nose Job80000$3,373$3,636
 THBApprox AUDApprox NZD
Breast Implants From
Breast Augmentation (Round up to 499cc.)115000$4,849$5,227
Breast Augmentation (Round > 500cc.)120000$5,059$5,454
Breast Augmentation (dual plane round)130000$5,481$5,909
Breast Augmentation (Tear drop)145000$6,113$6,590
Endoscopic breast augmentation (round up to 499cc)130000$5,481$5,909
Breast Surgery From
Nipple Reduction 1 side15000$632$682
Nipple Reduction 2 sides30000$1,265$1,364
Areolar Reduction 1 side20000$843$909
Areolar Reduction 2 sides40000$1,686$1,818
Correction of inverted nipple 1 side15000$632$682
Correction of inverted nipple 2 sides30000$1,265$1,364
Male Areola Reduction 1 side15000$632$682
Male Areola Reduction 2 sides30000$1,265$1,364
Male Breast Reduction80000$3,373$3,636
Breast Lift / Reduction- Lift + Implants From
Breast Lift130000$5,481$5,909
Breast Reduction180000$7,589$8,181
Breast Reduction with free nipple graft (no implant)240000$10,119$10,908
Breast Reduction with free nipple graft (with round implant)290000$12,227$13,181
Breast Lift with Implant (Round)210000$8,854$9,545
Breast Lift Implant (Tear Drop)240000$10,119$10,908
Breast Reduction-Lift with Implant (Round)250000$10,541$11,363
Breast Reduction with chest wall contouring and implant (round)300000$12,649$13,635
Revision Breast Implants From
Removal of Breast Implant60000$2,530$2,727
Removal of Breast Implant + Capsulectomy100000$4,216$4,545
Simple Revision of Breast Implant150000 - 170000$6,324 - $7,168$6,818 - $7,727
Revision Breast Implant + Reduction-lift260000$10,962$11,817
Revision Breast Implant + Reduction-lift (Tear Drop)290000$12,227$13,181
Re-Implant Surgery (Round) 6 mos. after removal115000$4,849$5,227
Face Lift From
Face & Neck Lift210000$8,854$9,545
Forehead lift (Coronal Brow Lift)110000$4,638$5,000
Face Lift130000$5,481$5,909
Neck Lift80000$3,373$3,636
Forehead lift, Face lift, Neck lift280000$11,805$12,726
Neck Lift + Mentoplasty (muscle repair)90000$3,795$4,091
Eyelid Surgery From
Upper blepharoplasty L.A.28000$1,181$1,273
Lower blepharoplasty L.A.28000$1,181$1,273
Upper OR lower blepharoplasty60000$2,530$2,727
Four lids plasty L.A.54000$2,277$2,454
Four lids plasty G.A.110000$4,638$5,000
Brow Surgery From
Lateral brow lift L.A.40000$1,686$1,818
Lateral brow lift G.A.90000$3,795$4,091
Coronal Brow Lift (Forehead Lift)110000$4,638$5,000
Nose Surgery From
Augmentation Rhinoplasty & Alarplasty50000$2,108$2,273
Augmentation Rhinoplasty30000$1,265$1,364
Removal of Nasal Silicone implant9000$379$409
Reduction Rhinoplasty80000$3,373$3,636
Ear Surgery From
Prominent Ear Correction 1 side25000$1,054$1,136
Prominent Ear Correction 2 sides48000$2,024$2,182
Earlobe repair (after piercing) 1 side20000$843$909
Earlobe repair (after piercing) 2 sides40000$1,686$1,818
Liposuction From
Minor Liposuction under L.A.30000$1,265$1,364
Traditional Liposuction - 1st Area60000$2,530$2,727
Liposuction Each extra area (Per Area)20000$843$909
Cool Lipo - 1st Area80000$3,373$3,636
Cool Lipo - Each extra area (Per Area)25000$1,054$1,136
Body Contouring From
Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)165000$6,957$7,499
Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) with trad lipo 2 areas190000$8,011$8,636
Belt Lipectomy220000$9,276$9,999
Belt Lipectomy with trad lipo 1 area240000$10,119$10,908
Thigh Lift (Medial)140000$5,903$6,363
Thigh Lift (Lateral)140000$5,903$6,363
Buttock Implant170000$7,168$7,727
Excision of excess skin-fat (back)160000$6,746$7,272
Botox & Fillers From
Fillers (Restylane) 1 box / BOTOX 1 bottle30000$1,265$1,364
Labia From
Labia reduction25000 - 50000$1,054 - $2,108$1,136 - $2,273

Our prices are fully inclusive, including consultation, surgery, medicine, implants and 1-4 nights in private room at  Phuket International Aesthetic Centre. PIAC is located at Phuket International Hospital.

****Surgery is paid for in Thai Baht currency (AUD and NZD values are only approximate).