Mummy Makeover facts

Mummy Makeover Plastic Surgery Facts

In this small article we would like to discuss about mummy makeover plastic surgery. The first question we usually get is “What is a mummy makeover?” It’s a good question – so let’s cover some of the facts about mummy makeover, who can have a mummy makeover, the costs of mummy makeover plastic surgery etc.

What’s a mummy makeover?

A mummy makeveover is a combination of plastic surgery procedures with the goal to bring your body back to how it was before you gave birth to those lovely children of yours! A mummy makeover typically consist of a Tummy Tuck, a breast lift + breast implants. When we do all of these surgeries together, we call it a mummy makeover. Let’s talk about the different surgeries below:

The Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is a procedure where the plastic surgeon will cut away excess skin on your tummy and while in surgery the surgeon will tighten your stomach muscles to bring them back to where they were before you gave birth. It’s important to understand that the surgery is much more than just to remove excess skin. Sometimes the plastic surgeon will recommend to do liposuction on the upper abdomen and in some cases the surgeon may recommend to do an extended tummy tuck, which is the surgery where the tummy tuck incision will be extended to both sides of your love handles. Extended tummy tuck is good for women with excess skin on both tummy and sides.

Tummy Tuck before afters

eliete-tummy-tuck-before-and-after1 (1)


Breast lift with silicone breast implants

We all know when you give birth and start to breastfeed your breast “augments” to a nice size 🙂 when you are finished breast feeding you suddenly realise you lost a lost of volume and maybe your breast started to sag. You have lost volume on the upper part of the breast as well, so in other words that youthful look your breast used to have has now disappeared.

Don’t worry we have helped thousands of women with this problem. The first question you and your plastic surgeon would like to answer is “do I need a breast lift”? The short answer to this questions is: if part of your breast falls below your breast fold, then you most likely need a breast lift. Most of our mummy makeovers have a breast lift included but surely you can have the mummy makeover you need without a breast lift.

do i need a breast lift

The picture above is an illustration of breast – 1 = normal, 2 = sagging level 1, 3 = sagging level 2, 4 = sagging level 3. If your breast look like 2 you will most likely require a lift, but you are really a borderline case and hence you will need to discuss with your surgeon. If your breast are in 3 or 4 you will surely need a lift and in 4 perhaps even a reduction.

Breast Lift and Augmentation before afters

breast-lift-and-implant-285-cc breast-lift-and-implant-305-cc (2)

Mummy makeover surgery

At Destination Beauty we have a different approach to mummy makeovers compared with most other plastic surgeons. If you do a tummy tuck, breast lift and augmentation with only one plastic surgeon it may take 7-8 hours of surgery. Safety is always our main concern and when you have more than one procedure of the mummy makeover there will be 2 plastic surgeons in the operating room. This means your surgery time is shorter, your recovery is faster and all in all it’s more safe. Dr. Narongdej and Dr. Kasemsak do most of our mummy makeovers and they have been working together for many years, so rest assured you are in good hands.

How much is a mummy makeover?

The cost for a mummy makeover in Bangkok, Thailand is THB 299,000 (approx AUD 11749 / NZD 12,499)  – that’s the surgery price including 4 nights in the hospital (in private room). THB 299,000 includes a tummy tuck, breast lift and breast augmentation with implant size up-to 400 cc.  With 10 nights accommodation in luxury 70m2 apartment, nurse visits and transfer in Thailand you are looking at approx AUD 12,399 / NZD 13,199.

Mummy Makeover Testimonials and review

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How do I book this mummy makeover ?

Firstly you should complete “Your Free Surgeon Evaluation – CLICK HERE” this is our online form where you upload pictures and fill in your details. After we receive your form we will discuss with our surgeon about your recommendation and your quote.

After you have your quote and recommendation you can work with your Destination Beauty rep to find you a surgery time and help arrange the practival matters. Remember we are here to help – feel free to email any questions to