Interesting Facts about breast surgery in Thailand

Facts you should know about breast surgery in Thailand

We have put together a little article about breast surgery in Thailand with some references to Australia and New Zealand as well. Breast Surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures for Australians and New Zealanders in Thailand. This article will give some facts about breast surgery in Thailand. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR BROCHURE

What kind of breast surgeries do Destination Beauty offer in Thailand?

Breast Augmentation

The most common and popular procedure is Breast Augmentation or also referred to as Breast Implants or simply a boob job. It’s roughly a one hour surgery under general anesthesia (you are fully asleep).  During the surgery a silicone implant is inserted under or above the breast muscle. The incision is typically in the armpit or under the breast fold.  You will spend 1 night in the hospital and you need to spend minimum 10 nights in Thailand.

breast implant positioningbreast augmentation before afterBreast Augmentation before after

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Breast Lift

Breast lift is a surgery where breasts are lifted by removing skin to push up the breast. Breast lift is especially relevant for women where the breast have fallen under the breast fold. The surgery is a 3-4 hour surgery under general anesthesia (you are fully asleep). You will spend 2 nights in the hospital and you will need to spend minimum 14 nights in Thailand. A breast lift does not add or remove volume to the breast.

breast lift thailandbreast lift before after

Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift

Our clients usually do not have the breast lift alone as most women would like to add some more volume to the top of the breast. In this case a breast lift with implants is a good option. Surgery time is 3-4 hours and you will be admitted 3 nights.

breast implants and lift before after breast augmentation thailand and lift before after breast surgery before after

Breast Reduction

Women who wants to reduce heavy sagging breast are typically a candidate for a breast reduction. The surgeon will remove breast tissue and lift the breast up. For women who would like to add extra volume to the top of the breast, to make the breast look more perky a small implant can be inserted as well. Breast reduction surgery takes around 5 hours under general anesthesia. You will be admitted 2 nights and will need to spend minimum 14 nights in Thailand.

breast reduction before after

Breast Reconstruction

Women who had their breast removed due to cancer may be good candidates for breast reconstruction. The surgery moved tissue typically from the tummy to the breast to shape a new breast. Surgery is long and complicated. You will need to spend approximately 1 month in Thailand for this procedure.

Breast Surgery Cost in Thailand

Below are a listing of the typical surgery cost:

Breast Augmentation THB 99,000 / approx AUD 3,900 or NZD 4,300

Breast Lift THB 155,000 / approx AUD 5,999 or NZD 6,740

Breast Augmentation and Lift THB 198,000 / approx AUD 7,800 or NZD 8,600

Breast Reduction THB 155,000 / approx AUD 5,999 or NZD 6,740

See our full Plastic Surgery price list here CLICK HERE

Type of Breast Implants

The plastic surgery centers usually use Silimed or Mentor silicone implants. Saline implants are not used or recommended by our plastic surgeons.

The implants are available in different sizes and your plastic surgeon will measure you and help determine the recommended size. There are different implants available such as round implants, tear drop shaped and high or low profile round implants.

silicone breast implants

How to get a personal quote for breast surgery ?

Destination Beauty offers a FREE EVALUATION you simply fill in an online form and attach pictures of your breast from the front and 2 sides. CLICK HERE to complete your free evaluation. Once we receive your evaluation form we will discuss your requirements and pictures with our plastic surgeon. Then we contact you back with your personal quote. After you receive your quote you can make a booking for surgery. Your personal rep will help you through all the steps.

Plastic Surgeons or Cosmetic Surgeons ?

Is there a difference between plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons doing breast surgeries ? It’s a question we get often. We only work with fully qualified and board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons here at Destination Beauty. We believe that the highest skill level is required for a good outcome. Cosmetic surgeons a doctors who did not train to become plastic surgeons, hence their lack of training and skills make it risky. At Destination Beauty we do not work with Cosmetic Surgeons.

Australia is the place where cosmetic surgeons carry out a lot of breast augmentations. We recommend that you inquire about your surgeons qualifications and whether your surgeon is a proper qualified plastic surgeon.

thai breast surgeons

Day surgery or admission into Hospital ?

When you have your breast surgery you should certainly admit and spend minimum 1 night in hospital. This allows trained nurses and doctors to monitor your recovery and manage your pain. In Australia day surgery is the most common type of surgery for breast augmentation. Day surgery in Australia is common due to the high cost of admitting into hospital. We however do not recommend day surgery and we do not offer such low levels of service.

breast surgery hospital thailandbreast surgery hospital thailand

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