Extended tummy tuck and arm lift after weight loss Thailand

Joanna from New Zealand, Pre-surgery with Dr, Angkana for armlift and extended tummy tuck Bangkok.

Joanna’s consultation with Dr. Angkana


Extended Tummy Tuck and Armlift Consultation Bangkok! from destinationbeauty.com on Vimeo.

Recovery in Bangkok!

Joanna had a chance to explore the city whilst recovering at the hotel, she decided to get a tattoo done as a memory of why she came to Thailand.


Joanna’s before and after pictures






Words from Joanna!

“Dr Angkana is fabulous. She is professional and was very clear in what would happen during surgery and what the first week after would be like. She answered all my questions and never once made me feel awkward or uncomfortable.

For me to be filmed like this was outside my comfort zone but I felt it was important as I watched many other videos to get a good idea of what to expect and pick up any advice and tips and if anyone watched my video and got some ideas etc then it’s a way of passing it on

I would like to add how fabulous the nurses on Ward 11 are as well as the Destination Beauty team who are so supportive and kind.

Mamma Nurse, Nurse Aom, Prame (my patient and kind consultant) Nan – for the adventures and filming, the drivers – Richard and Mike, Richard even went to the chemist for me while I was having a follow up… it’s these little extra kind gestures that make us the client feel more than just another customer

You all take great care of us

If anyone is considering surgery I say go for it. I went on my own but I was never lonely. There are so many other lovely people to meet and get to know.

You only live once. If you want it go for it! ?”

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