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Plastic Surgery Samitivej Hospital 

Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery in Thailand with Destination Beauty @ Samitivej Hospital. Our capable board certified plastic surgeons are able to do even the most difficult transformations. We help many clients remove excess skin after massive weight loss or pregnancies. We are a full service plastic surgery center and cater for both foreign and Thai patients. Over the years most of our clients come from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and USA. More than 20,000 clients had their major surgery with Destination Beauty over the years.

Destination Beauty plastic surgeons

Being a Destination Beauty plastic surgeon

Our plastic surgeons are passionate, funny, highly skilled and able to work with you on your realistic requirements. We have an excellent team in our office and hospitals and together our surgeons, nurses, hospital service people, drivers and reps in the office make your experience as smooth as possible.

samitivej thonburi plastic surgery center

Our main hospital Samitivej Thonburi is a beautiful hospital with newly renovated operating rooms, new ward and more importantly PEOPLE who loves their job and are passionate about giving you a caring service.

Plastic Surgery Pricelist

List of surgeons at Destination Beauty plastic surgery center 

The facilities are in top at our plastic surgery center. You will consult with your plastic surgeon in comfortable surroundings. You will enjoy the facilities of our hospital in Bangkok, where you will be admitted. You will have your own VIP single room and our nurses and staff are all trained in handling plastic surgery clients. Samitivej Thonburi Hospital is a hospital in Thailand where most plastic surgeries are taking place. Our team of surgeons, anaesthesiologists, nurses etc. are  ready to help you!


Samitivej Thonburi hospital room

Plastic Surgery at Destination Beauty step by step:

1. First you send us your pictures and a few more details USE OUR EVALUATION FORM

2. We then give you your personal quote and your plastic surgeons recommendation

3. Make arrangements to come over to Thailand

4. We pick you up at the airport (assuming you buy our transfer and hotel package)

5. fist night spent in a nice hotel, next morning we pick you up and drive you to the plastic surgery center

6. Consultation with the plastic surgeon, discussion about result and your expectations

7. Health check up / fit for surgery tests

8. Surgery same day

9. You spend 1 or more nights in the ward where our service minded nurses and our doctor looks after you

10. We pick you up and send you back to the hotel for relaxing and recuperation

11. perhaps some shopping and sightseeing.

12. 7 days after surgery we take you back to see the surgeon and do a check up and remove stitches

13. You are free to go home, our driver will send you to the airport

The above steps are the usual steps. Discuss directly with your rep your plan for your plastic surgery.


At Destination Beauty Plastic Surgery Center we will welcome you warmly. You will always be cared for to the highest standard.

Plastic Surgery Packages in Bangkok

We always have affordable plastic surgery packages – see some of the most popular packages below:

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