A day with Dr. Narongdej

It’s a busy morning. 3 clients are arriving in the morning to have their follow up with Dr. Narongdej. Dr. Narongdej removes stitches and explains post surgery care.

2 clients are waiting to consult for surgery. One lovely Australian client is having breast augmentation and another lady is having breast augmentation, breast lift and tummy tuck – a so called mommy make-over.


After the consultations are over the go and see Vicky, she had her old breast implants replaced. Her old size was around 420cc, and Dr. Narongdej explains to Vicky that all went well, and in the operating room Dr. NJ found a suitable size 575cc.

The old implants are in plastic bags in Vicky’s room. Dr. NJ explains that one implant was burst already and the silicone had leaked out. Vicky says that she had the feeling it was time to replace her 20 year old breast implants.

A detailed follow up takes place and Dr. NArongdej clears Vicky to go back to the serviced apartment with Destination Beauty’s driver.

We stop for a chat in the ward – see the video below.

We follow Dr. Narongdej to the operating room. It is nearly 12.00 it is time for Dr. NJ to scrub up and get ready for his 2 surgery cases. Dr. Kasemsak will join for the second case. In around 6 hours Dr. Narongdej will be done with surgery and you may think he will go and get some rest. Dr. Narongdej likes to keep a busy schedule and he will fly to Phuket late same day and join a breast augmentation workshop to further improve his skills and meet colleagues within the plastic surgery field. Before Dr. Narongdej goes in to surgery we have a quick chat with his. See the video below.