Chantelle’s loose skin after 95 kgs weight loss!

Chantelle had gastric sleeve surgery and lost 95 kgs! She went from 179 kgs to 84 kgs!!

Chantelle 29 shaking her “gunt” (that’s her own words). Chantelle will join Destination Beauty and Dr. Angkana next month for skin removal surgery. Chantelle is 84 kgs now, down from 179 kgs. Here Chantelle will explain what Gastric Sleeve did for her:

“Gastric Sleeve was a big step for me, I had sleep apnea, I would stop breathing when I fell asleep because of the weight around my neck. My legs were always swollen, I couldn’t dress myself without help, basic things like shaving legs and being able to even go to the toilet properly we’re hard tasks. The sleeve has given me my life back, it’s a tool I’ve been given which enables me to restrict the amount of food I can eat. Having this restriction helps me make the right choices and has reprogrammed my head into learning what is good for me and what is bad. Whenever anyone asks me about how I lost weight I am happy to tell them I have a gastric sleeve because I’m so incredibly proud of it”.

Chantelle’s before and after gastric sleeve surgery