Can Thai Plastic Surgeons do surgery on Australians ?

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Question: from Kerry: A Plastic Surgeon here in Adelaide, Australia told me last week that you have to really do your research before getting surgery done in Thailand, as they are trained using their own people & to work on people like us is completely different..I’m wondering if the is correct Destination Beauty?

Answer: Kerry, thank you so much for your question. The Adelaide Plastic surgeon is right – anybody considering plastic surgery in Thailand or anywhere else for that matter should do research.

Firstly, you should make sure that your surgeon is indeed a real Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and not a less qualified “cosmetic surgeon”. In short a plastic surgeon first needs to graduate as a Dr. MD, then specialise in surgery to become a general surgeon, then further specialisation and training in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Then once these many years of studying and training are complete you will need to pass the plastic surgery board exam. All surgeons that work with Destination Beauty are real board certified plastic surgeons with extensive experience. A number of them have done internships abroad through the United States of America and Australia. We do not work with “cosmetic surgeons”.

Secondly, you are right the Thai surgeons in their early years mainly work on Thai people and not caucasians. Asian people have a tendency to develop unattractive scars when they are having plastic surgery, hence our Thai surgeons are trained in taking utmost care when stitching up the wounds and use different techniques to limit the risk of an unattractive scar. This training benefits our Australian and other Caucasian clients.

Thai people usually have nose implants, breast augmentations, liposuction and on some occasions tummy tucks and breast lifts. For our Australian and New Zealand clients (we have helped over 14,000 clients) the most popular procedures are breast implants, breast lifts and reductions, tummy tucks, liposuction, arm/thigh lifts and nose reshaping. At Destination Beauty our plastic surgery centers at Samitivej Hospitals service both Thai and overseas clients. Destination Beauty plastic surgeons usually perform most procedures on Caucasians.  

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