Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift Thailand Dr. Supasid

JoAnne, from Australia who had breast augmentation with lift with Dr. Supasid in Bangkok, shares with us how much she loves her twins!

She said “I am now 6 weeks post op and have never been happier. I kick myself that I waited so long to take the step and contact Destination Beauty. Everything went according to plan. I had a wonderful time (albeit a little sore for a few days) without any complications. All of the staffs were wonderful. Everyone was so helpful and ready to take care of anything I needed. The hospital was 5 star. Very clean and well organised and I was very impressed with the care taken prior to surgery. I had a couple of tests and that made me very confident. The lovely Dr Supasid did my surgery. He was very caring (and funny, too) and explained so much prior to surgery and what I should expect afterwards. I would definitely recommend him. The hotel was beautiful and I managed to get to afternoon teas and do some sightseeing. Some words of wisdom to everyone. To ensure your best chance at a speedy and hassle free recovery, quit smoking and drinking as long as possible before surgery. You’ll definitely have a faster recovery and make everyone’s life a little easier”.

See her before and after pictures below!

JoAnne (right) and Toni (left) shared their plastic surgery experience! They met during their recovery in Bangkok.

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