Plastic Surgery Centers Thailand

Together with our partner hospitals we are proud to present our plastic surgery centers in Thailand. The plastic surgery centers at  Samitivej Thonburi Hospital is our own center.

Destination Beauty Plastic Surgery Center

samitivej thonburi plastic surgery center

Destination Beauty’s plastic surgery center at Samitivej Thonburi hospital is our main plastic surgery center with a large and competent plastic surgeon team. Click Here to see the full plastic surgery pricelist. People come from all over the world to have surgery with Destination Beauty. Our surgeons operate daily. We do the full range of plastic surgeries from breast augmentation to full body lifts and post weight loss surgeries.


Plastic Surgery in Phuket

Our Bangkok plastic surgery centers are co-managed between the head surgeon, the hospital and Destination Beauty. In Phuket it is a different story. We do not have our own plastic surgery centers in Phuket. We do however partner with Phukets 2 main international hospitals: Bangkok Hospital Phuket and Phuket International Hospital.

Phuket International Hospital


Well accredited, affordable and well managed. Many Australians visit Phuket International Hospital yearly. 7 main surgeons are connected with the hospital. Breast Augmentation starts at THB 115,000.

Bangkok Hospital Phuket

bangkok hospital phuket

Dr. Witoon is the head of this plastic surgery department and Dr. Witoon is considered as the “Godfather” of plastic surgery in Thailand. Most plastic surgeons in Thailand have been trained by Dr. Witoon, hence most surgeons call him “Ajarn” or teacher. Besides Dr. Witoon you can meet Dr. Piyapas and Dr. Jib in this great facility.

Plastic Surgery Centers Thailand

Quality and safety is our focus. Our plastic surgery centers are high standard Thai international hospitals. To get a quote from our plastic surgeon simply fill in our evaluation form with pictures.