Start of a new life – Plastic Surgery in Thailand

The end of an era and the start of a new life!

Being made redundant on your 60th birthday would put most people into a tail spin but not Lauraine.

plastic surgery thailand

“I was a successful career woman working for the ABC and I suddenly found myself without a job and some spare cash so I thought, this is the start of my new life!”

“I’d always hated my nose and was always going to get it done then up popped this opportunity to do the works burger and change lots of things through Destination Beauty so I took it”

Lauraine decided after meeting a friend of a friend four years ago who had breast augmentation with Destination Beauty and seeing how perfect her results were as well as the glowing report she gave the company that she would investigate further.

She googled the company, checked out the website and went to a mini seminar held by Michelle (Michelle had breast reduction and tummy tuck with Dr. Narongdej) a past client of Destination Beauty.

“It was nice to talk to people who have had the operations done, it makes all the difference getting their feedback and asking them questions. They are sharing their experiences and it was good to also see the power point about the hospitals, surgeons and the company.”

Lauraine started out with wanting a nose reconstruction and ended up booking in for a neck lift, tummy tuck and breast lift also. She loved the fact that Destination Beauty offered the complete package including accommodation and the fly back cover for peace of mind. Having compared what the surgeons were offering in Australia she found they had hidden extras which bumped the prices up significantly.”

“It all started out through sheer vanity” laughs Lauraine as she counts down the days till she boards the plane to Thailand to have the surgery she’s always wanted and start her new life!