A day tour at Asiatique Bangkok before Plastic Surgery!

Susan Harris, a writer from Australia her first time in Bangkok, Thailand and out exploring the city before surgery.

Susan arrived six days before her operation, so she had the opportunity to explore the city a little. She went to Asiatique Night Market and tried the ‘fish spa’ where the fish sucked out all the dead skin and made it smoother. She told us it was strange but it felt good and funny at the same time. Susan had an extended tummy tuck with VASER liposuction at the areas of upper abdomen and flanks with Dr. Ring.

Enjoy the video 🙂



She spent 19 days in Bangkok. Whilst her main goal was to have the surgery done, she was also able to enjoy her time here. She went shopping at MBK, night market and saw the cabaret show (lady boy show). She had manicure and pedicure done for the first time! Everything has been just smooth and amazing experience for her and she would recommend this to anyone!

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