5 reasons you should NOT have your breast Implants in Australia

Breast Implants is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in Australia. Every Year thousands have breast implants in Australia and Thailand – here are the 5 reasons why we think you should come to Thailand with Destination Beauty and have your breast implants:

breast implants thailand

1. Breast implant costs

Cost is sadly the main driver for selecting where to have your breast implants. In Australia you can have breast implants for $6000-$15,000. Sadly the $6000 breast implant surgery in Australia may be a gamble with your good health and your breast. In Thailand – the cost is THB 99,000 approx $3749. The $3749 surgery in Thailand is with a board certified plastic surgeon, it takes place in state of the art operating rooms, you have 1 night admission into a luxury hospital. The $3749 breast implant surgery in Thailand would cost $15,000 in Australia. CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR PACKAGES!

2. Safety – it should come first ?

Most breast implant surgeries in Australia is carried out in small clinics, some even use questionable anesthetic as documented by 60 minutes and ACA. When something goes wrong in a small clinic (as it seems to do often), you are in fact in limbo. In Thailand safety is our main concern. All breast implant surgeries as done in large hospitals under general anesthesia and under a strict safety regiment. In large hospitals in Thailand you have specialist available 24 hours a day. When the surgery is completed you will be under strict observation to ensure you recover well. We keep you under observation in the hospital for around 24 hours.

3. Day surgery – is it a joke ?

In Australia most breast implant surgeries are done as “day surgeries” in order to save cost and keep profits high. Day surgery basically means you will not be admitted into hospital and a few hours after you had your major surgery you need to go home. A hospital night cost around $2500 in Australia and that’s the reason why it’s not included in your Australian breast implant package. So yes, in Australia you will be leave the clinic, jump in a taxi and most likely vomit in a plastic bag all the way home.

In Thailand you will be kept under observation under by trained specialist, you will transfer to the ward into your own private room with TV, toilet, Fridge, Sofa, WIFI & room service. There the nurses will look after you and monitor your vitals. CLICK TO SEE OUR MAIN HOSPITAL IN THAILAND.

4. Cosmetic Surgeon or Skilled Plastic Surgeon ?

In Australia most breast implant surgeries are carried out by cosmetic surgeons or trainee plastic surgeons. In short a cosmetic surgeon is a doctor with limited or no surgical training and qualifications. To drive a car in Australia you need a driving license – but to do plastic surgery in Australia no plastic surgery license is required ? In our experience many clients need a lift or reduction as well. Something the cosmetic surgeons will be unable to do.

Destination Beauty’s surgeons in Thailand are all board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons. They can carry out the full range of plastic surgeries using advanced techniques. If you need a lift or breast reduction together with an implant we can certainly handle that.

Breast implant surgery is a major surgery and we believe you deserve a highly skilled plastic surgeon to carry out the surgery.

5. After care – is it a city in Russia ?

We believe the first 24 hours is the most important period for after care. In Thailand you will be in the hospital. In Australia you will be home. The next 8 days after surgery we will keep you in our aftercare program with our nurse visiting your room at your apartment in Bangkok. Our after care concept includes nurse visit 3 times a week, where we will monitor you for infection and other complications. That service is certainly not offered in Australia, as it cost money!

Those are our 5 main reasons why we believe you are better off having your breast implant surgery in Thailand.

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Approx. 20,000 people already had major surgery with Destination Beauty in Thailand. We have done more than 10,000 breast implant surgeries.