““I returned from Thailand with my two best souvenirs ever!””

Susan: Breast Augmentation Bangkok

Breast Implant size: 275cc, Mentor silicone
Price for surgery: THB 109,000 AUD 3599 / NZD 3899

My name is Susan, i’m a mother of 3 lovely grown up boys. I am 41 years old and I just had my breast augmentation with Destination Beauty. I remember when I was sitting home in New Zealand wondering about having plastic surgery in Thailand. I was scared – we hear all these plastic surgery horror stories – needless to say I was afraid. I would like to share my thoughts and experiences, having just had my breast implants on a Destination Group Tour.

I wanted breast all my life, especially after 3 children. I wanted to look and feel like a woman. My husband of 21 years would always say, “you look great babe”. One and a half years ago my life was turned upside down. Two years ago my husband passed away in a motorcycle accident, I was sitting on the back of the motorcycle and I sustained a fractured arm. I don’t have the words to express the sadness I experienced losing my husband.


I set myself 2 goals, I wanted to be able to ride on a motorcycle. I have now passed the tests and I have bought myself a Harley Davidson. My second goal was to have a boob job. Paying $15,000 for breast implants in New Zealand was not an option for me. My friend in Australia had already had plastic surgery in Thailand. She recommend me to contact Destination Beauty and get a quote.

I contacted Destination Beauty and I was put in contact with my Rep Prao. Prao looked after me very well. We spoke some times and exchanged lots of emails. She arranged for Destination Beauty’s plastic surgeon to evaluate my pictures and she booked me in for the June Plastic Surgery Group Tour in Bangkok. I studied Destination Beauty and I saw many good reviews. Did it make me at ease that my surgeon has been a plastic surgeon for 24 years, and has more than 10,000 surgeries under his belt ? It sure did!

I arrived in Bangkok airport and was greeted by Destination Beauty’s driver. Within an hour I was checked into my spacious room at the Somerset. I have a kitchen, a living room/dining room and a bedroom. I feel right at home here. The next morning we gathered for breakfast and I met with the other girls joining the tour. We had a great spa and massage day to really make us relaxed before surgery. In the evening we went to the most beautiful hotel and had a huge buffet. We were having an early night, as the next morning we would go to the hospitals for surgery.


The next morning Destination Beauty’s driver took me to Samitivej Sukhumvit, where Destination Beauty has a plastic surgery center. I saw my plastic surgeon, and my question to him was “What can you do?” My surgeon came with 2 suggestions, and we discussed the risks of complications of both options. I have a small frame and I am looking for a proportional result. We agreed on a silicone breast implant size 275cc. When I compare myself with my friends from the Group Tour, I had the smallest size, but that’s what I want. My surgeon is a warm and funny person, he made me feel safe and comfortable. His English is excellent and I highly recommend him.

When I woke up after surgery in my beautiful room, I was thinking “Ouch”. I was in pain, I clicked the buzzer and two nurses came to see me. I was given more pain killer. I could still feel the pain, and I think it was day 6 before I stopped my pain killers. Going to a hospital in Thailand is a completely different experience from New Zealand. I had my own safety box, kitchen area, Tv, Sofa, Toilet/bath and room service menu.

Now I can’t stop touching them! I am so happy with my result. I feel sexy and like a real woman. I walk upright now! For the group tour photo shoot I put on my new dress, I had makeup done and my hair. It’s really an amazing experience.


I have made great friends on the group tour, friends for life. The group tour is an amazing experience with lots of activities. I felt so safe being out with the girls. This is my first trip to Thailand so doing the group tour is highly recommended. I especially enjoyed the floating market and visiting the handicraft center, where we were learning how to do clay vases and do traditional flower settings.

It’s a great experience for me. I feel so confident! So energized. My advise to you, is to do it. I wanted breast for 20 years, and my only regret is that I did not do it before. Thanks Destination Beauty, I will be back in some years for my next touch up 🙂


disclaimer: Individual results may vary.