Michelle lost 100 kgs and came to Thailand for massive plastic surgery

Michelle before after weight loss

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Michelle after before after plastic surgery

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Michelle was quoted AUD $55,000 in Melbourne Australia for her breast lift, extended tummy tuck, arm and thigh lift.  The surgery in Australia would give Michelle 2 nights in hospital. Michelle was not convinced that 2 nights in hospital was enough for such massive plastic surgeries. Michelle had heard about Destination Beauty – Destination Beauty’s quote was for $20,000 a saving of more than 60% and even better Destination Beauty’s quote included 8 nights admission.

Plastic surgery Thailand brochure – CLICK HERE.

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Rachel's breast implants with lift, and tummy tuck in Bangkok after 55 kgs weight loss

When I was 19 I hit 172 kgs

I am now 22 years of age and I am 3 weeks post op. The main reason why I needed massive plastic surgery was due to lots of excess skin on my tummy, arms, breast and thighs. I have always been overweight and when I was 19 I reached an all time high of 172 kgs. I applied and was later approved for gastric banding surgery in Australia. I remember when I received the letter I thought there must be another way for me to deal with this problem. I started changing my diet and did more and more exercise. CLICK HERE to see my video where I talk about my weight loss.

Having lost 100 kgs I was now needing massive plastic surgery

Having gone through the battle of losing 100 kgs, another battle awaited me. I was left with lots of excess skin on my tummy, thighs, arms and my breast were reduced to deflated sagging balloons. I knew I needed a tummy tuck, breast lift, thigh and arm lift. I saw a few plastic surgeons in Australia and I was quoted $55,000 for the surgeries with 2 nights admission. How anyone can go through that amount of surgery and only be admitted 2 nights is beyond me.

I had heard about Destination Beauty many times and decided to ask for a quote from them. I completed their online evaluation form and I received a quote as follows:

Breast lift grade 3 THB 155,000  $5900

Extended Tummy Tuck THB 190,000 $7300

Armlift THB 82,500 approx $3100

Thigh Lift THB 99,000 approx $3800

Total THB 526,500 or approx AUD $20,000 (CLICK HERE TO SEE PLASTIC SURGERY PRICES)

Plastic surgery Thailand brochure – CLICK HERE

The quote included 8 nights admission in my private room with toilet, flat screen TV, WIFI and 3 meals a day. There was also a great room service menu. My hospital room was more like a hotel room.

For me the 8 nights admission was really important and you are clearly in need of professional care after such massive surgeries. Sure I could decide to add extra 6 nights to my quote of $55,000 from Melbourne but that would take it up to $ 70,000, which was not an option for me.

My Plastic Surgery in Thailand

Michelle with Dr. Narongdej and her mother Picture above: Michelle with her mother and Dr. Narongdej (Dr. NJ)

My mother joined me for support and I can only stress on how important that was for me. I met with Dr. Narongdej or Dr. NJ as her is often referred to. We talked about the different surgeries and what I would be able to achieve. I was very nervous and I remember I cried on an off. Nurse Aom from Destination Beauty’s plastic surgery center and my mother were both great support. Dr. NJ would mark up all the incision lines and he explained that he would separate my surgeries into 2 sessions so the overall surgery time per session would not increase 7 hours. This is a safety precaution to avoid complications after and during surgery.

I got 2 Thai plastic surgeons for the price of 1 🙂

Dr. Narongdej told me that his colleague Dr. Kasemsak would work with him for my surgeries. This meant that my surgeries would be faster and I would spend less time under general anesthesia. In Melbourne my surgeries would have required 15 hours in one session and I am happy I opted for a safer option.

The hospital was simply incredible

Michelles plastic surgery after massive weight loss
Picture: Michelle on her discharge day with the Thai nurses at the ward and Destination Beauty’s Miss Joy

My hospital (Samitivej Thonburi Hospital) was nothing like the hospitals we know from Australia. I had my own room at the hospital and I had constant care and attention. Surely I experienced some difficulties communicating with the nurses but there are plenty of people that speak fluent English such as the Destination Beauty coordinators in hospital and of course Nurse Aom who looked after me in hospital and also at my hotel room after I discharged.

After care

I checked into a nice spacious apartment after I discharged from the hospital. I had nurse visits 3 times a week and it gave me the confidence that my healing progressed well. Is it painful ? Of course it it is. You have difficulties walking after the thigh lift and you are clearly putting stress on your body going through such massive surgery. Is it worth it ? Absolutely I would do it all again.

Long healing period after the plastic surgery

I am 3 weeks post surgery now and I can walk and get by. I can’t do exercise and I will need to take it easy for several weeks.

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.