Michelle’s tummy tuck, breast lift & thigh lift


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Belt lipectomy tummy tuck with Dr. Atikom in Bangkok

140 kgs to 86 kgs in less than 2 years – Michelle: How I did it

Michelle talks about her struggle losing weight and how she managed to go from 140 kgs to 86 kgs in less than 2 years. from destinationbeauty.com

Michelle talks about her struggle to lose weight, diets and her solution “gastric sleeve”. We do recommend you checkout the videos and pictures below as well 🙂

Michelle 5 weeks after surgery – see after pictures/video


Michelle 12 weeks after surgery, How I am healing! Head to Toe Tour

Michelle 12 weeks after Thailand Plastic Surgery Tummy Tuck, thigh lift and breast lift See the scars and healing from destinationbeauty.com



Michelle visited Bangkok in Late November with her mum. Michelle had lost 50 kgs. and breast, thighs and tummy needed a lift. Michelle’s surgeon was Dr. Kasemsak one of Destination Beauty’s capable plastic surgeons.

Michelle spent one month in Thailand and her mother was there as Michelle’s support person. Please click on the Videos below and learn more about Michelle’s story and experience in Thailand.

Michelle used to be a size 22-24 (18 months ago), Michelle is now a size 12-14.

breast reduction-tummy tuck-arm lift-thigh lift in bangkok

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Michelle’s plastic surgery makeover in Thailand

michelle before after after tummy tuck

disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Bringing a support person til Thailand

Many clients recommend that you should bring your a support person to Thailand when you have your surgery. Michelle brought her mother a long and it was a great experience for both.

support person plastic surgery thailand


disclaimer: Individual results may vary.