“I have never been treated so well by any other medical team as in Thailand. I am a nurse and I should know.”

Several years ago I had been raped for the fourth time over my life, first time as an 8 year old child. Needless to say my life shattered into a million pieces and I broke down mentally, emotionally and physically for several years. I had gained weight and ballooned to 92 kilograms and suddenly people everywhere treated me off handedly or simply ignored and rejected me. I vowed 12years ago to rise up like a “phoenix from the ashes.” and after 6 years I lost 42 kilos and now am a healthy 50kilos in weight. My face and boobs sagged so after extensive research over 2 years I narrowed my options down to Yanhee hospital in Thailand. I found Destination Beauty an agent who had direct links with renowned top hospitals and surgeons in Thailand and I was so glad they made everything effortless. They even organized a limousine at the airport to pick me up and take me to the hotel. Whilst in Australia Fon from the agency kept daily phone contact from Thailand reassuring me with each detail well planned before and after surgery. On the day the Dr Pitch examined me and discussed with me what I wanted, surgery was completed 7 and a half hours in theatre on the very same day. I had a radical full face lift; neck lift; brow lift; upper and lower eyes down; some liposuction under the chin; Lazar was used around my mouth to lessen the deep wrinkles around them; a breast lift and some small implants. I also had freckles lightened and removed from my chest and shoulders. In Australia it would have cost 33,000 dollars but it cost me in total including resort accommodation and food around 18 thousand dollars 16 months ago.

Full Face Lift Before & After


I thought the pain would be terrible but apart from the odd time when those wonderful nurses at Yanhee hospital sat me up or bathed my wounds, I was dosed up so well with an intravenous drip that I was virtually pain free. I am looking forward to return to Thailand to complete my transformation with a full body lift and butt augmentation Fantastic experience and even it it were not for plastic surgery I would happily go to Yanhee hospital for all of my medically requirements.